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  1. Listen here, Obsidian "Entertainment". If I can't talk my way into a polyamorous relationship with all companions then I'm going to buy a whole lot of microtransactions for mobile games instead of your paltry DLC.
  2. Haven't seen a single person qualified to make definitive statements about this situation. If you think an actual company being silent about an emotional forum post from a former employee is daming then you were itching to have an issue with them, because that makes no sense. Hopefully everything turns out alright for everyone actually involved. It's unlikely that it wouldn't.
  3. i'm poor irl and it's triggering to struggle financially in this fantasy setting. please help me
  4. can somebody draw me carl from the walking dead but he has a hitler mustache. thanks all night long
  5. hey listen i understand that press have to get games early so the reviews can be up when the game comes out, but you guys are screwing over the consumer. cash before people fellas. my mother was a raging alcoholic while pregnant with me
  6. i really need my key so i can add the game to my steam account and not play it for a year while i procrastinate about what to play. god bless you obsidian
  7. Ideally I'd like to see the Source engine Arcanum game in some form. Probably not on that engine in particular now but I'd take it. Something very similar in style to Bloodlines would be incredible as well. Licensing not required; it's not why the game was great. Oh, you know, Troika stuff.
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