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  1. Or the lack thereof. I admit that I haven't been paying attention; I just assumed the game would be on Steam. I already have a plethora of games on Steam and GOG, and a few scattered across other online platforms like Origin due to past "exclusive releases". I'm actively resisting expanding to even more online storefronts, like Epic, because I don't want to switch between an even larger gaggle of different storefronts; it's obnoxious. I've bought every game you've released, going back to when you were Black Isle; I even bought the mobile Pathfinder card game you put out. I've considered myself an avid supporter of a team that I consider to be "the little guy", and I've loved you despite all the bugs. But this no-Steam (for a year) business is more than just inconvenient; it's irritating. I'm sure there are business motives behind this that might seem good in the short term, but I gotta tell ya: the optics aren't great from where I'm sitting. By the time this game hits Steam there will likely be a plethora of other great games released that will have drawn my interest, and I'll remember this annoyance; it's human nature. I'm fatigued by all the different storefronts, and trying to remember what I have installed where (if a game isn't on Steam). I'm disappointed in this situation, and I feel a bit let down.
  2. You don't see a quality problem with it? Okay. Even better: my name is nowhere in the backer lists that I can find. It's not in the game credits among the backers, and it's not in the Collector's Edition Guide among the backers. I've pretty much resorted to laughing at this point.
  3. Original Sin and Wasteland 2. No more physical tiers is pretty much where I'm at. This is pretty terrible for $140. Not even remotely worth it.
  4. Do you not believe the people above who have corroborated the state of the map? It's bad. You'll get it soon enough.
  5. The Wasteland 2 map was atrocious as well. Poor, poor quality. The shirt was fine. No issues with the shirt.
  6. I don't know if this standard for all Collector's Edition cloth maps, but mine looks absolutely terrible. It's very blurry / indistinct / muddy-looking. Can other CE backers comment on their maps? Do they all look blurry, or is it a printing issue with mine?
  7. I would love to see Obsidian get the license for Darklands, and make an open world RPG Darklands 2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darklands_(video_game)
  8. I remain as unsurprised as ever by how many people didn't pay attention to Morrowind, and who consider it poorly written. Morrowind has one of the most brilliantly constructed stories behind it of any RPG, and 90% of the gaming community doesn't even know it because they rushed through the game and are only aware of the most superficial story elements. If you paid attention, if you took the time to read the rare texts that you would sometimes find, you would learn that the story behind everything that has happened is almost completely 180% of what is told to you. You (and public perception) are being completely manipulated, and the game doesn't point it out to you; you have to find it for yourself. But, like I said, 90% of the gaming community that played Morrowind barreled through it, and they now say that "Morrowind was poorly written". Yeah, good job with that.
  9. Are we going to see a simultaneous release for PC and XBox this time around?
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