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  1. I'm afraid you could be right--the optimism of release is whittled away with each day. Would it be LA's job to extend the patch and have it fix more bugs, or would they theoretically send it back to Obsidian for that job? Just wondering, as that MIGHT be a poor explaination the long, long delay of the patch...
  2. There isn't much of a way Atton could have killed Vash... Reason being:
  3. "Some scavenger hunt for a lost sword in the forest? You've got to be kidding me." Sorry for butchering that quote so bad, but that was one of my favorites in that game.
  4. I would give LucasArts comical props if they actually did that. As horrible as it may be, that would be pretty funny.
  5. I voted for adding Jolee and Ms. Ban into the game. I would even be okay if Jolee wasn't a playable character and just made a cameo--I loved his comments in KOTOR. If I could pick another thing to add, it would be an actual fight scene between Atris and Darth Nihilus--as seen in some advertisments. Then maybe you would choose someone's side, or something? I don't know, I just thought it'd be cool if all the advertisments were actually in the game.
  6. For some odd reason, I believe your favorite comedian is indeed Ron White.
  7. When I had the EAX on, there was horrible 'static' noises whenever blaster fire occured. The official troubleshooting guide from LucasArts said that turning down the volume would fix this, but it did nothing for me. As soon as I turned the EAX off, however, I had no more of the terrible static noises.
  8. Does anyone have a URL of the interview where Chris Avellone said that he was surprised at how the "cut" version of KOTOR2 received such good reviews? Thanks.
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