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  1. Same problem. Everything else works ok except for this game, so it´s not connectivity. Plus I can´t use any of my current parties offline: After selecting START or CONTINUE on the main screen and selecting a party, I´m taken tot he party management screen and there is no option to continue forward, so I get stuck in there.
  2. Yes I´m connected. I even created a new party after that but it is not showing as well. Just sent then a message, thanks for the link. EDIT: So, out of curiosity I tried to start the game offline and boon: my party is there just like I left it before, along with 2 more parties I deleted days ago, but the new party I made when online is nowhere. Looks to me like server-side data got messed somehow.
  3. Apologies if there is already a thread for this but search returned nothing. Isso have been playing for some 20 days and enjoying the game on Android. Until today I logged on and my Party is gone. With all the cards I added to the decks. Support button directs to this forum and I'm not seeing an option to open a ticket. What do I do?
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