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  1. One thing : how the heck do you lose your endgame auto-save? Those things have their own spot in the list of saves, they're named differently, you would have to willingly delete them to lose them! Yeah that would make sense, but when you have a HDD failure and reinstall only having your steam saves to go off then you're screwed. Once again my temper got the best of me, I'm stuck in extenuating circumstances and didn't realise the position I was in. Ah well, enjoy the DLC.
  2. Aranek, we currently do not have plans of releasing an update to fix this issue. I recommend starting a new game. So those of us who played through the game, started again and encountered the mind numbing boredom of playing through exactly the same cardboard cut-out of a game yet again... but have their max character locked to this area is effectively screwed. Thanks so much for that, you should have put up a warning that your sole intent with this DLC was to screw over the very people the DLC was to appeal to. Good luck getting any money out of me in future.
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