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  1. And that's probably just modelling, you still have to have someone UV it, texture it, create the materials, animate it and get it working in game while being bug free. Adding wear and tear to cars is even more work, if you want to actually have the car take physical damage those are extra pieces you have to create and hook up. It's a long process, but the truth is a game like GT5 wouldn't sell well at all if the art wasn't at that standard.
  2. Yup, The more time I spent doing mobile stuff the more I missed AAA games, so when this Sony opportunity came up I took it I'm excited to be working with a large tech art team now, should be fun!
  3. C2B

    Also hope that everythings awesome at your new job :).

  4. C2B

    Did you work on South Park before you left?

    Or on the other mysterious project that may have Sawyer as a Lead?

  5. All the best JXE. MOTB, SOZ and DSIII were the best looking Obsidian games and I'm sure you did your part on that. The community will miss you dearly (if I'm allowed to speak for them) <3
  6. I don't even get my own thread I'll still be around guys, I've really enjoyed this community and I want you to know even though the devs don't say much, we are reading what you're saying. Thanks for the good wishes
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