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  1. This is a game for skilled gamers. Yes it is difficult, but that's what makes it extremely fun. After having played through with every character, I have to say that the gaming experience is heavily based on which class you choose and how you spec them. This may sound obvious to some, but nonetheless it's still a valid statement. For example, when playing as the time mage I was having an extremely difficult time. I was playing on the hardest difficulty setting and had picked up talents solely for increasing damage output (lightning talent and will modifier). I decided to put one point into the talent that slows enemies when you dodge in there immediate vicinity. This one point in one talent changed how I played the game. Over were the days of putting down a trap only to be killed whilst in the process of casting it. Another very important part of Dungeon Siege 3, and every other game like it, is gear selection and availability. I have a feeling that most casual gamers won't immediately understand what all the different stats do or why it would be better to take certain ones over others. Before you think it let me start by acknowledging that yes, their is a help topics section that briefly explains nearly everything you would need to know about the different character stats and why it would be better to use some over others. However, I honestly can't imagine a casual gamer taking the time to read through all of those stat descriptions. Of course even though you know what stats your hoping for on that shiny new piece of loot doesn't mean that you'll be lucky enough to get them. Its a matter of play style and talent choices. I for one hate blocking and refuse to do so instead opting for rolling or teleporting depending on character selection; this makes my gear selection pretty simple because gear is generally split up into two categories: Defensive and Offensive. Defensive gear will almost always have some amount of block on it in addition to other stats whereas Offensive gear will usually have agility, will or attack. Dungeon Siege 3 is not a game to take lightly or blaze through without understanding. It was clearly well thought out and provides an avid gamer such as myself with much entertainment. That being said, the game does have its problems but I'm pretty sure most of that has been covered on this thread at one time or another so lets just leave it at that.
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