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  1. Well, I have to agree with title. The game is way too hard. I am stuck little after Raven Hill (on the casual setting and with Lucas character), since I am not able to pass even sidequests (well, I did one, but the others are way too hard) nor advance with the main plot, because the enemy literally runs over me every single time. Granted, I haven't try other characters yet, but I don't that situation will change very much. As for now, game is way too difficult to my taste and unless there is coming modding support or patch which makes the game easier OR I find some sort of working cheating/training option to make game little bit easier for me, I will left game to shelf. At least developers could add the same thing that demo had (at least as option) to wake up after death at the same spot. Now forcing the load the game will cause enemies spawn back, which is very annoying and will cause grinding (unless this meant to be like that, which makes game very boring). Plot is fine, characters are great, graphics are very nice and controls are perfect. Now that if only the difficulty would be adjusted little bit, it would be one of the best games I ever played. As for now, due to difficulty it is unplayable. Oh and I wanted to edit and say that demo itself was just fine what comes to difficulty. Retail version is which I have problems with.
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