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  1. https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/245673038144753664 The mention of filming makes me think this is Kickstarter-related. Would they start pre-production on the Torment spiritual successor while Avellone was working on Wasteland 2?
  2. I finished my (100% bug-free) first playthrough and started a second playthrough with a different character on Hardcore mode. Everything was fine until I got to Odo - during the conversation the voices cut out, leaving just the music playing. The conversation proceeded as per usual apart from the sound - I could still select dialogue options and finish the conversation. Out of conversation sound effects also weren't working, only the music. I saved the game at the point nearby and then loaded and the issue went away, so not a game-breaker in any sense, but I thought it would be worth reporting. Apologies if this issue has already been mentioned before, but I did a quick search and couldn't see any topics that looked relevant.
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