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  1. But that doesn't apply in this case, as you can clearly see from the examples above. In one case, I am able to make the requirements [intellect 16], and during the same dialogue I no longer meet the requirements for [intellect 16]. I also have base 16 Intellect on this character - the buffed stats doesn't even count into this scenario, I was just wearing an Int Chest for the +Lore.
  2. not checking for other threads, but didn't see one and i've encountered a few "requirement not met" when requirements were met. my int is buffed through +int items, but it's never seemed to matter before, whether it was base stat or buffed, so just leaving this here. vs
  3. Gold gets delivered to your pocket from taxes, but adventures can and do deposit gold into treasury. This is my treasury after a successful Legendary Adventure - rewards were "1000-3000 copper, 1-3 minor items". http://imgur.com/jUNk0ZV http://imgur.com/FhrJlJF The parts of creatures can be attributed to Stronghold perk from Curio Shop, so most likely my reward from Legendary was Potion/Scroll/Scroll + 2502 copper.
  4. No, you cannot add gold to the treasury. Payday comes directly out of your pocket (Character screen). The gold you get from royalties also goes directly into your pocket. Not sure about the unpaid thing, mine don't say that after they are paid. Maybe you should test before/after pay, and see if it's only certain days that occurs on.
  5. I've started having things show up after quests - I'm not too far in, so I haven't done a legendary adventure, but as of now it seems like I am receiving minor rewards - will update upon receiving legendary adventure.
  6. I second this - pictures attached. http://imgur.com/J01g8Pl http://imgur.com/cIva3SH nothing there.
  7. Typically I wouldn't register an account on dev forums just to complain (or praise) about a game, but in this case it's just so that there is one seemingly unbiased review that doesn't unfairly reference some other games success, some other games failures..just the game as it is. That being said, as it is, I bought the ps3 version, doing little research of how DS3 would play, because I read Dungeon Siege and assumed there would be dungeons, and I would be laying siege to them! With friends!! Sounds fairly entertaining, since the idea reminds me of a dungeon crawler, which reminds me of D2 fashioned games where after completion, you take that character into a new game(+) and continue racking up kills, collecting loot, ENJOYING GAMEPLAY. But alas, I should have researched before I purchased. For starters, the length of the game is really disappointing. When you see the name and associate it with old Dungeon Siege games, you can expect hours and hours of roaming dungeons for loot, for quests, or just for killing. But this game does not offer that in the traditional sense..you can of course backtrack through dungeons and kill same-level-as-they-were mobs, with little if any expectations of loot but you can enjoy this act. But why would you want to do that when you could have started a NG+, taken your characters with you to a harder difficulty, for higher level, better loot, etc? Isn't that the point of most ARPGs? To grow your character into the biggest badass you can so that you can challenge the depths of the dungeons on harder difficulties? Maybe it isn't the focus or the goal of the game, but it is the singular experience I've taken from them. Replay value. Sure, there are 4 classes. As it stands, I've beaten the game 3 times, all 3 on hardcore, and have experienced the same level of disappointment when I reached the end..thats it, credits, "Start New Game". Why did this happen? How much effort would have been lost in the quality of the games first playthrough for the devs to have added a NG+ option? Or even just a centralized hub after completion, maybe afew pick-up quests and an actual dungeon to go crawl? Revisit old places that scaled with you? Just trounce around with your fully leveld character and do really good dmg? Or was the focus DLC addons, xpacs to add this feature? If so, why..? 15-25 hours for 60 dollars is not my idea of worth it, and spending more for features games 10 years back came already packaged with (maybe not as refined as this game..) is not the right way to develop a game. The experience overall is satisfying, yes. The story was nicely done, the graphics are quite beautiful, environments reflect the devastation the story provides you with, and the battle is rewarding. Difficulty on normal is well, normal. Hardcore adds a much better balance to an overall too easy game, but the length of it made the devs rely on swarms of monsters rather then amping up certain units and supporting with tactics/strategy. The end experience of the game feels very short-lived, even on hardcore, because you can essentially spam dodge/roll your way through most any encounter you come across until you find the weak-points. Now this isn't a complaint about the battle system, just an observation, but if the game were to last more then 15 hours (9 hours on average for me..) how would the gameplay continue on? Would we just see more powerful adds, the same scaling of damage? Taking 500 dmg per swing via a mob with barely that much HP to me, is a lazy way to make something hardcore. I think the hardest battle of the game on hardcore was the first Jeyne + waves of enemies, only due to the fact that the little fanatics were hitting for 550+, and the constant chaos led you to make the mistake of being hit by one of Jeynes constant ranged attacks. That battle turned into a dodge/roll fest, utilizing very little blocking/regular attacks and more focus on abilities that did not take long to animate. It was more of a kiting-situation, even as Lucas you were NOT going to stand still and try to tank, because if you did try to Block, you would more then likely end up the victim of Cyclops power-swings or a Javelin/Explosion/Swarm of Light projectiles which would break through block and eventually end in a 1shot. Instead, you took every characters strengths and made them irrelevant, Lucas' high armor/stamina provided him to be the bait, get initial aggro to get control and kite around while others did damage. This is a relatively tried and true tanking strat, very reminscent of "jousting" on WoW, but more like focus/HP defensives, shear shear blade dance, roll roll roll roll.. I think because of the short length of the game, developers were forced to rely on zerg burst damage, because there was not enough room for things to progressively become stronger or become more challenging through tactical changes.. it was just a VAST increase in dps from enemies, to the point where armor was almost an obsolete stat for tanking, it was more about having stamina stacked to survive a hit if you did get hit, and just rely on dodge for every encounter. That shouldn't be the end result of a hardcore difficulty. With how well the block does work in this game, it should have been more emphasized, it should have been more prominent as a defensive technique, especially as Lucas and especially in big boss battles. But more often then not, a simple dodge would negate several enemy attacks..it leaves you with the feeling that block was not designed to be used, it was just implemented for the full effect of combat. That brings me to my next point, the character system. Now every character imo has a well balanced play style, each reflecting what you would expect. Lucas covers both as tank and DPS, Anjali as melee and ranged, Kat is your untypical typical ranged class, with a good playstyle for any situation, and Reinhart is a cool if not confused Mage Warrior. The abilities are limited but have a good feeling of usefulness at the level you gain them until you can access the next tier. The added value of proficiencies makes characters feel more complete, leaning characters towards support or DPS regardless of class intentions. It seems to be a good way to think outside the archetype "warrior tanks", "mage dps or heals" type thinking..until you get down to it. Limited by level and the lack of abilities is an obvious reflection of how short this game really is. On Lucas, I became a Vanguard Strike machine. It's literally all Lucas needs, he can tank with it, he can DPS with it, he can kite with it. It's the best ability he has (imo), and is dangerous when upgraded correctly and empowered. But it's a tier 2 ability, and it's high (HIGH!!!) dps is confusing, seeing how he is in a tanking stance. This is because of how the scaling in this game was designed, with the lack of length in gameplay, you dont see the need to do anything but activate his Focus defensive and spam Vanguard into all the small adds, eventually developing a Vanguard swing swing Vanguard rinse repeat method. This again is a problem with the length of the game..because it's so short, theres not much need to do anything else. You can Wind Shear/Blade Dance, which is very fun, satisfying, yet costly, as it should be with his focus being tanking, but it seems like Vanguard Charge is just far superior in terms of DPS. With Kat, all you need is Agility/Doom and Flintlock Flurry..eventually Empowered Flinklock Flurry is the end-all of her DPS. She is reduced to 1 ability, which is very fun to use, very fulfilling to spam, but because of the length of the game, you never get to see how powerful she can really be. You get to a point where she can 1-shot everything basically, bosses taking 2-5 uses of Empowered Flintlock, the damage which is again, not the problem I'm addressing, but the fact that you cannot carry her into more developing and more growth, and thus more DPS because there is no NG+. If you reach the last shop and don't find a weapon for her there, the game is basically over in terms of fun. You do not get another chance to pick up a better gun, unless you can get lucky on Archon drops.. which is fine, luck is part of games like these. But when you can't replay it with the same character to get the better loot you might have missed out on before..you can see where I'm going with this. It's disappointing, SEVERELY. The Camera angle on MP is pretty pathetic, I can't really defend it in any way other then by saying, if you are host, you can choose to roll everywhere you go and teleport your party members with you, thus controlling the camera for yourself.. But when I have people complaining to me about how they can't see their character, they keep dying due to teleports during fights, etc, it becomes a camera issue adding to the difficulty. This technical aspect of the game should not be a way to increase difficulty, regardless of whether you are tethered to your host or not, you shouldn't be losing sight completely of your character because the host dies waay over in 1 corner, and you are rolling to save your life to another.. This to me, was almost the unplayable part of the game. The camera literally made me want to take the game back, because anygame that promotes couch co-op or 4p MP online should have a good camera system to go with the experience. The games camera shouldn't be the limiting factor in your gaming experience, and if it is, whoever designed it needs to be looked at, good and hard, and asked why. Why are so many people complaining about a camera, that in SP works relatively well, but in MP is game breaking? TLDR version The game is nice, enjoyable to an extent..but once you reach that extent, you are at the end of the games ability to provide replay. So many elements of this game were limited and held back by the short length of this game, and while there is much room for improvement, whether via patch, DLC, and Xpac, it seems to me that this game was poorly handled. It is like playing Dynasty Warriors, the encouragement to play other characters is the only thing to add replay value, which should not be the story with a game boasting the title "Dungeon Siege". Dungeon crawlers should have dungeons in them... I remember 1 "dungeon" that actually contained fighting, it was before the Spire.. I am an avid gamer, I play after work to enjoy the last hours of the day, to reward myself for a long hard day, and in the case of buying this game, it was to enjoy the weekend by couch potato mode hardcore RPG time. I was incredibly disappointed when I beat the game and there was nothing after that. I can't say it wasn't an enjoyable experience, but with how short-lived it was.. I can't believe I just paid 60 dollars for this title.
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