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  1. Sadly, I raised this bug in detail 4-5+ months ago with this exact error. It hasn't been fixed, and I have been trying the updates via steam in the vain hope it has been corrected. Well, it hasn't and continues to block my game, I haven't played in since and will not buy another Obsidian title ever again, regardless. In my opinion a bug this game breaking cannot go unfixed for any prolonged period, ever. DS3 was a far cry from 1 or 2, but due to the recent (back then) Obsidian titles that were pretty damn good, I decided to ignore the bad press and get it.....was quite enjoyable until this bug. So, uninstalled and the CD is now hanging in my veg plot as a 'scarecrow'. But hey, what do Obsidian care, they're developing new titles for the multi format gravy train which is killing PC gaming. Sorry for the rant, but I cannot bear slack post sales support or multi platform titles for that matter, either.
  2. The issue is that DS3 is a console port to PC. As such the camera limitations are just one of many 'flaws' in the game when comparing to the likes of DS2 or similar. So, unless Obsidian/Square Enix start developing titles for specific/individual platforms this will always be the case, sadly. I completely understand the financial implications of this as a business; it just makes me a sad bunny..... To make my point, I bought DS3 off the shelf when I had actually gone in for a different title. I hadn't even heard DS3 was being released so just bought it on the strength of DS1 & 2. It didn't even occur to me that Gas Powered Games were no longer the developer, and in fact even if I had spotted Obsidian had taken on the gauntlet I would still have gotten it. I do have to admit it is a title brimming with 'eye candy' and generally the gameplay is pretty damn good, albeit a departure from the style of its predecessors. It's just this little niggles i.e. camera and key mapping (or lack of) that remind me it's a console port, and demotes it into the league of good titles as opposed to being a great one.
  3. There is a bug in the quest to seal the western mine entrance. It appears that numerous people are experiencing this as there are various posts on gaming website reporting it. It would appear to happen like this: 1. Clear the room of trash before engaging Lieutenant 2. Go back to the save point in the previous tunnel and save game 3. Die to the Lieutenant (Fire aura FTL) 4. Reload game 5. 1st pack of trash has respwaned, but the 2nd pack has not! 6. Clear trash again and defeat the Lieutenant 7. Unable to complete quest at cart with message 'It's unsafe to unload the explosive now' or similar So, the bug is caused by reloading a saved game that excluded the 2nd pack of mobs........this is a game breaker as my previous save is 4 hours before. And more importantly I'm one of many experiencing this issue
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