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  1. That's me again Just to explain what i was firstly talkin about and also explain my nonsense replys Firstly i'd like to say BIG THANKS to development team to succesfully implement the key mapping feature, it brings light into game great job here. You're right, under term top down view i imagined perpendicular to ground, so i have to agree. I don't need to see sky and nothing like that, i love camera view like used in Diablo and DS predecessors What i meant is that most of these games used more or less free camera, meaning when you scroll mmb you just zoomed in out and holding camera movement button and moving mouse around was used as follows horizontal movement to rotate and vertical to tilt camera, that's what i miss in DS3 firstly not to do 2 things simultaneously (and 2 state only) - when you scroll up zoom in and tilt down and vice versa if theres essentially an axis on mmb why not to use it fully (here i understand that for console this might be a problem, but not for pc, where it works like that mostly) I'd simply like the scenario mmb scroll simply zoom in zoom out without altering camera tilt and apply a tilt altering onto vertical movement of mouse when holdin camera movement button
  2. The problem is that DS 1 and 2 was not designed for top down view and i have problems adapting myself for that view because it's not natural for me, normally you see what's in front of you and you can see where your enemies are to prepare to fight. Not to rush when suddenly enemy appears on viewport from out of nowhere. That is my reply to your question It's just a matter of opinion. If you play mostly games with top down view you have no problems with it but for someone this view is unnatural.
  3. I've got same problem, bought game in preorder and couldn't wait for it to release but when i played couple of minutes i gave up and now i wait if they'll do something with it. Can't play it that way.
  4. I do understand that this is implementation issue but if they use their own engine its a small change in source code, no extra coding is needed, if there is no problem with distant view because of z-buffer use, and if they announced patch to fix some pc issues it's worth to mention it
  5. Dear development team, DS3 is beautiful game but theres one thing that disappoints me when compared with DS2. That thing is very limited camera movement and impossibility to remap camera to for example right mouse button. To be more specific, the camera tilt should be enabled to go lower to see whats in front of me and zoom out should enable more distant view on battlefield to have an overview over locations nearby. I'd like to ask if it's planned to add these features in patch you announced to release. Thanks in advance for your response. Faithful DS follower
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