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  1. im running an i3 330m with 4 gigs or ram and an ati 5650 1 gig card
  2. Hi guys when i finish the Jayne kassinder fight the third the game goes black as if its trying to load a cutsceen or something and then just lags there with a black screen leaving me in the dark able to hear my rifle attacks but not see or not loading the cutsceen has happened the last 8 tries in a row any help would be appriecieated. Ive tried lowering the video settings to medium from high or very high and its done nothing im running the most recent drivers for my video card its just been this one instance thats bugged over and over and is stopping me from being able to move on. thanks in advance
  3. I had the same problem on my pc version but when i walked forward and then stopped right where the arrow is it started the cutsceen automaticaly but before that i was running around trying to talk to everyone and nothing would happen.
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