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  1. we have talked to both the queen and lord devonsey, travelled through basically the whole game area seeing if we missed something but to no avail.
  2. we have, and i forgot to mention we are playing on xbox
  3. hello all, me and my friend have played approx. 15 hours of dungeon seige and it has come to our attention that we cannot complete "lord devonsey's trap" it says to talk to Odo in the legion chapterhouse. we only noticed this after playing through a number of other missions and have finished all the quests in stonebridge the final one being deciding what to do with the dapper old gent, We are now unable to progress any further in the game as odo is in the grand chapterhouse and talking to him does nothing, MAJOR GLITCH?! starting over is not an option as we are not willing to accept the past 15hours as a complete waste of time. how can we fix this???????? p.s. walkthroughs tell us that we should have entered a dialogue with the mayor after the dapper old gent quest was complete ending with him giving his support and us being given the option to strike at kassynder now, no such option came up!
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