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  1. How is it that everyone who seems to be agaisnt multiplayer knows that adding multiplayer to a game like this will require too much investment and/or development time? Maybe it will, but Isn't adding MAC and Linux clients of this game doing the same thing, taking away investment dollars and dev time? Personally I would rather see multiplayer added in LONG before MAC or Linux clients are made. But for Obsidian, those decisions are truly from a marketing standpoint which is reaching a bigger audience.
  2. People are scared it will take away from their single player experience. Sure multiplayer will require extra funds and development time, but with a reasonable stretch goal I believe it can be done. I am assuming they haven't started writing the source code yet, so it may not be too late to add multiplayer support as they go on. I think what a lot of people dont realize is that the multiplayer experience is what partially made some of the original IE games so great, or last so long. Even years later buddies of mine will get together to play these games coop. Also multiplayer has and can wor
  3. I would most definately love to see multiplayer/coop in Project Eternity. Some of my best memories of playing the BG/ID/NWN series were with my buddies. I agree that multiplayer should not detract from the single player experience, meaning core gameplay mechanics should not be sacrificed. If the original BG that came out almost 15 years ago had multiplayer, why cant Project Eternity with a reasonable stretch goal? Also consider the fact that having multiplayer in any game can increase replayability (play through the game solo, then again with your friends) and sales. Yes I played BG/BG2 ba
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