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  1. LOL now that you bring up travel between the two, it would be interesting to see greyhawk implimented into NWN 2. LOL even if it was only a cameo (you get the meaning) "You must travel to the this crystal sphere to capture a (insert quest item here), best of luck (insert heros name here)". Now that would be interesting... maybe
  2. lol we have a warhammer store (SIGH BIG TIME.... GRRRRR NERDS) LMAO and a comic store... no DnD tho except in book stores about the warhammer thing, i just dont like it. LOL just me i suppose. honestly though... i live an hour from brisbane, and even in brisbane your hard pressed to find DnD... as some one said before its not that popular here (that said Warhammer isnt either, i just guess some super nerd decided to open shop with very few customers LOL man i hate warhammer) Oh people who like warhammer,,, nothing against ya personally i just hate it... never really got it i guess. if that makes sense. ToEE was... interesting... so here is a question... Is GREYHAWK owned by WIZARDS???? or did the company simply Licence the d20 system?
  3. From what it sounds like, and stated elsewhere in the topic. The Best analagy i can come up with is Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk are like PC and Apple. Both do more or less the same thing, but differently and with fanbases on both sides (and those in the middle)...
  4. To be honest i havent PnPed at all but from what friends who have told me, it comes down to taste. I think i wast born a little too late for the PnP style of play to greatly influence me and Australian society as a whole doesnt really play the PnP games (in my city there is 100 000 people in it - no one plays PnP as far as i can tell). That said I have NEVER played pen and paper since there is no one to play against, or even learn from. LOL i havent even seen the DnD rule books or anything for sale. TO be honest i think a d20 modern game would be cool. Honestly i love forgotten realms games, i really do, but even the last neverwinter got to the point of "been there done that" ya know. I really enjoyed fallout tactics (which prove me if i am wrong, had nothing to do with Wizards of the Coast).
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