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  1. DS3 is a PC game that requires a game controller to play. There I said it . After a dodge or block, I just press the stick in the direction of my target and fire away. If multiple enemies are in the direction, I jostle the stick in rare cases where it matters (e.g. trying to take out a spell caster in the back row).
  2. Steam says 26 hours for my first play through (on "Normal") as Anjali. I *tried* to do all the side quests but got one set *failed* due to my actions (I didn't even know that was possible). I thoroughly enjoyed the game and look forward to playing again as a different character. The combat was intense and killing bosses was very rewarding. I also enjoyed the artwork and environments. Some of the quests seemed incongruous, such as looking for lost merchandise in the middle of a war (at least make it a lost puppy) . Hopefully the DLC will be more dungeons!
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