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  1. First of all... u r a moron if u kill antivirus-soft... Second... windows updates doesnt download those updates all the time. Usually those updates are published on tuesdays. Most often first (or second) tuesday on each month. Unless u have just installed windows u dont have concern those Third... spybot running backround all the time ? Moron... Started game from .exe ? WOW !!! u must be a hacker ! It doesnt have northing to do "fluid" gaming if u start game from .exe or from steam. Today/yesterday there has been several thousands people who has been downloading those steam free games etc. That's one of reasons why your steam / CPU is "stuttering" or simply ur CPU is so crap that it cant handle few program. Go buy new one. And this same thing for everybody who's whining that this is "hard game for CPU"... this really is NOT !
  2. i7 875K and CPU usage steadily at 24-26% even there is running Winamp, 2 rcons, communication progs, F-secure etc... So you guys must be something really wrong..
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