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  1. I was wondering if there's a way to get to the music files in the game. I was listening to some other game music today, and i remembered DS3 final boss fight had a really good score.
  2. I'm just curious whether with the latest updates to controls, playing the game with a gamepad good or keyboard+mouse is now better? I'm thinkin of getting an X360 controller for PC anyway, so if DS3 is better to play with gamepad would be an addtional incentive.
  3. I'm just gonna wait for the next patch, maybe it will fix things, if not, i'll try reinstalling. Not playing now anyway, so no savegames to be worried about.
  4. Yeah but in my case, it worked when i first launched it. Only after I lanuched it the second time a week later, this happened.
  5. Launched the game for the second time today (only launched it to see If i can run it at full details last week, then decided to wait for more patches). Have the same problem, also have one file missing according to steam, and verifying the game cache doesn't do anything. Sent the error message and dxdiag to bugs@obsidian.net today, as per Alvin Nelson's recommendation. Any chance this could have something to do with Limited Edition bonus key applied?
  6. So I finally had time to start playing DS3 today, i insert the DVD, start install, after the redist packages, steam pops up and I enter the activation code. After which, steam happily starts DOWNLOADING game files. WTF is that? Why did I buy the game from DVD then? I also stopped steam, closed it and tried to use ReInstall option in autoplay game launcher, but still same thing.
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