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  1. Waste of time. Why did you not implement keybinding with release. I'm sure it was brought up, several times. Whoever reduced this in priority in an effort to get the game out the door. Well, you suck. I'm being vocal about this stupid oversight but I'm sure there are a signifigant amount of people out there who feel the same way. You. Guy who crapped on this feature to push product out the door. You, suck, and I've wasted money on a game that it not worth playing (cause, see I can't paly due to your default key mappings that are....unchangeable!) until you "fix" something that
  2. See my post? The one you responded to? Did you actually read it, cause it says I know that there is a patch coming and you obviously missed the point.
  3. To begin I created this account for the sole purpose of posting this a message that I'm positive has been beaten to death already. My hope is that some other developers are watching these boards for insight and tips into how to do things correctly on their current of future game. Include Custom Key Mapping. Period. If you're a right handed person and like painting and are given a canvas to work on but told you must do it left handed, would you enjoy that? If you love reading and the latest novel you've been anticipating came out but you were told you can only read it from right t
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