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  1. Hi Gaesadair, looking at your account, I don't see a pledge linked to your account. You'd need to visit the Backer Portal first, link your pledge, and then complete your pledge order there. Feel free to contact us at support@obsidian.net for assistance as well. Turns out I'm an idiot with two obsidian.net accounts; my keys were available on the other one which I did not remember existed. It's a long time since I pledged, after all.
  2. I have the impression from this thread that most people have keys available to be generated through the backer portal already. I don't, so I'm curious as to whether this is an anomaly worth making a support ticket out of, or if I just need to be a little more patient.
  3. Cool. Is the camera rotation slow like it was when you could use alt or whatever to rotate the camera with the mouse, or is it fast / adjustable?
  4. OK, for those of you who have the game and the patch (I've only played the demo and am holding off on buying the game until my issues are fixed): - Does this keybinding patch allow rebinding of mouse keys? - Is it possible to bind "mouse controls camera rotate/tilt" to the right mouse button?
  5. First: Thank you, Obsidian, for making a playable demo. You turned me from "not going to be a customer" into a "potential customer". Now, in order to turn me into a "paying customer", the only kind that counts, you have to do four things: 1) Make controls remappable. 2) Add "move character left" and "move character right" to the available controls. 3) Add an option that lets holding the right mouse button move the camera, with a similar speed as moving the mouse moves the cursor normally (this can be a remappable button, if you can be bothered to include mouse buttons in your remapping scheme, which I strongly encourage). 4) Add an option that lets me target a different enemy than the one I'm currently attacking by clicking on the new enemy, rather than having to turn to face them.
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