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  1. A friend of mine and I have been playing this game for a while, and we are unable to finish the Jeyne/Saraya boss fight. We've tried it maybe 50 times and still fail, even after lowering the difficulty to Casual, and we are definitely not casual gamers. Part of the problem is that my friend, who plays Anjali, seems to be able to use his abilities properly. I play Katrina, and I don't have any problems playing her, even though I keep dying. He has trouble healing, and I don't think he knows how to lay traps. Is there a wiki page or FAQ or something that explains how to play Anjali? He has no empowered abilities whatsoever. What is he doing wrong?
  2. Since the demo doesn't allow you to save your progress, I wasn't able to try this out. Unfortunately, I'm still a little confused. Let's say I start a new game, and I immediately invite a friend online. We play a couple hours, and I reach level 5 and he reaches level 6. Then I save the game and turn off my Xbox. The next time I continue with the same game and invite the same friend. Will he be playing the same character at level 6, and I'll still be at level 5? How exactly will that work? What if he wants to play a different character next time? Will that character start off at level 1, while I'm still at level 5? And will his level 6 character still be there, waiting for him to play?
  3. I agree with Pidesco. If the screen isn't shared, then the co-op "experience" would be unwieldy. I was really looking forward to Sacred 2 before it came out. After playing online co-op for a few weeks, I just gave up. Sure, it was nice being able to go wherever I wanted, but the gameplay was so disconnected from my co-op partner that I just lost interest. Yes, having everyone on the same screen, especially with four players, can get crowded. But allowing the players to split up and wander independently is worse. Without a plot to keep the game moving forward, I'll lose interest. It's a hack-and-slash, so the gameplay isn't going to change a whole lot, especially if you keep separate from your party.
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