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  1. I currently own a Samsung 1100 DF (a pseudo-flat 21" CRT) and I have it on 1600x1200. That resolution is way too much for a 19" CRT monitor - you are probably losing eyesight as we speak.


    I've had my 21" for roughly three years, and I had to take it in for calibration (the picture was getting blurry) about three months ago. Back when I bought it, TFTs were overpriced junk. However, the technology has moved forward since then, so I am now going to buy a 19" TFT - namely, Samsung's 971p. It'll still be more expensive than what I paid for the CRT, and its default resolution is 1280x1024, but damn, the picture is SHARP, colors are great, and eyestrain will be reduced. And it will take up four times less desk space than the CRT, which has become a concern of mine lately.

  2. It depends on what you consider to be "news," but it will take me a while to filter through my old FAQ and the piles of other info I have (that never made it into the FAQ) and repost it in the new one. That should keep me busy for several months for sure.

  3. I don't think it is necessary to sticky it. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to work on the FAQ today (I got called in to a very long business meeting unexpectedly, which pretty much made a mess of all my plans for today), but I'll try to get something done tomorrow. I am sure the thread will keep itself near the top anyways.

  4. While a UMD-using warlock can be pretty devastating in PnP, I have yet to see UMD play anything more than a marginal role in my NWN2 game.


    I have it maxed out, of course. I believe my warlock's total UMD bonus is +16 or something. However (A) I haven't found any really good wands yet (B) I don't have enough cash to craft even a 1st level wand. I have no idea whether this will change after the area I am currently playing (and got bored with).


    Oh, and my UMD performance on scrolls is lackluster. I fail roughly 50% of the time.


    So, all in, as I doubt that the majority of NWN2 gameplay will happen at uber-high levels (and, hence, uber-high UMD bonus), I don't think it's unbalanced. I could be wrong, of course.


    BTW, I simply don't see how a warlock is more boring to play than a fighter. Compared to true spellcasters, sure. But fighters have done exactly the same thing since the dawn of D&D, and people still play them. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  5. I would have preferred a correct implementation of cleric domains over the warlock class, even though I am playing a warlock in NWN2 now.


    Warlock is a very nice class, if a bit boring (for a "spellcaster").

  6. My personal suggestion regarding the loot and the raising of level cap is as follows: reward the PC with small but meaningful rewards throughout the game (a +1 luck bonus on saves vs something here, another +1 competence bonus to certain skill checks there, etc) and keep the level cap and loot as low as possible. I would personally add small mechanical rewards to the epithets (e.g. Porcelain Mask gives a +2 resistance bonus on saves vs charm, Suicide King gives a +2 resistance bonus on saves vs fear, and so on).


    I've been using this reward method in my own campaigns and I have found that the players enjoy such bonuses immensely, preferring them to phat lewt.

  7. Seeing as how this thread is slowly turning into something more than just an announcement for my FAQ (which I will have more time to work on during the weekend), I would like to ask one of the mods to change the thread title to "The Black Hound FAQ Thread" to make it more accessible.

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