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  1. Dragon Age made it pretty easy to control your party with the tactical wheel, especially with it having in the options to where you just had to click it to leave it open and click it closed rather than holding the button down the whole time while cycling characters and skills. I'm not trying to compare or say everything Obsidian does should resemble Bioware or that Dungeon Siege should necessarily be this way... just that it made controlling the party equally easy to a pc, I don't think it could get more easy for either system than it was there. Also taking into account you could set every party members tactics for when you weren't controlling them... I never felt like I wasn't in control or died because I couldn't control my party easily enough, if i died it was just a straight up failure.
  2. I'd like romances... I mean, i'm not really looking for Dungeon Siege 1 or 2... I enjoyed those games quite a bit, but gameplay and storytelling has evolved since those games came out. Which is why when people say adding something(like romances for example) would make it not a Dungeon Siege game, I don't really get it. This is a continuation off of those two games, which means it should evolve and grow in new ways, not try and redo it completely... that is how a series gets stale and stagnant. I think Bioware and Obsidian have done a good job with romances personally. The best part being that if they don't suit your character, you don't have to pursue them.
  3. The AI looks okay to me, well... the trash mobs look pretty mediocre but the bosses look smoother. I've seen a few deaths while people were trying to display the game, and I am almost 100% certain they weren't playing on the highest difficulty so I think depending on the difficulty the AI will be sufficient. I am just saying you never really know, it's almost expected that on easy difficulty the ai will attack really slow... so until we know the exact difficulty, it's hard to form a real opinion.
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