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  1. Just my 2GP, but I LOVED the improve-by-doing flavor of DS1 and would support a variant of that in DS3. I think it really fit into a nice, fast-paced action that did not require you to micro-manage your skills or have your play broken by a leveling-page. The only real complaint came from my wife, and that was that nature magic just didn't level as fast as other options, which, in co-op play meant she was always playing catch up. I think this may have been primarily because nature magic improve as a result of healing? (and she loves being the healer). Just another perspective chiming in
  2. @WorstUsernamEver - Are there any transcripts of the closed-door demo? Can you point me to some links/resources? I am definitely curious and interested at this point.
  3. @WorstUsernameEver - Thanks for the additional information and confirmation. I did get the sense that there would be co-op and I am excited about that. So, ultimately, I am really hoping that quality co-op will be a relatively high priority for the developers. I had skimmed a thread wherein someone had touted "flashiness" as what they wanted out of the game. That caused me to evaluate what I would most want out of the game and to attempt to express it. I want: "Stable, immersive, interruptible team co-op that encourages complementary character choices and rewards collaborative
  4. My wife and I love multi-player games in which we can cooperate. The dungeon siege series is a Stirling example of games that got us addicted to this sort of play. This morning, over breakfast, we were reminiscing how we (in DS1) stumbled into a pack of high level skeletons and then spent two hours painstakingly luring, dodging and killing those skeletons. We gained a ton of experience, and a love for RPGs that let us play as husband and wife. Today i was looking for digital downloads of DS so as to recreate the experience on our new hardware (alas, no such thing), but did see that D
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