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  1. What was bound to happen with no guidelines on how often you can vote. You just needed two people who were willing to end this competition in one night. I tried some damage control, but they were serious. More power to them, I guess. On the bright side, SIE's #2.
  2. Omen Deng- 68 (-2) SIE- 30 She used to hold the lead at one point. I thought she may have had a chance earlier, but she started getting smacked around when the top 3 came. Don't worry girl, I won't subtract any points from you. Scarlet Lake- 95 (+2)
  3. Ah yes, I added those after I submitted the FAQ to GameFAQs, and of course, after I uploaded it on here. I plan to update the FAQ on GameFAQs within the next week.
  4. Just wanted to inform everyone that the guide is now available on GameFAQs, neoseeker, and soon Super Cheats. Any further updates, and there will be soon, will appear on those sites.
  5. Omen Deng- 68 (-2) EDIT: You guys also forgot to subtract 2. Blame Baeus for screwing the whole thing. SIE- 40 Scarlet Lake- 85 (+2) You guys forgot to add 2. What would you do without me?
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