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  1. Any word on companions? could you party with anyone or are there specific classes that will join you. It would be neat if you can just bring in a farmer that has no clue how to fight, but with your company he/she could get powerful and aid you. Rather than a selective few ala Diablo 3. Also a party of 8 is always sick!
  2. Because it fits the forum, because it's the Shield of the Azunai, because it looks good, and because I take what I want JK man, I will make another one soon. This site needs DS related avatars. Who's in charge here? Also... HI Chapman! I hope you are not offended by the topic, I was just wondering it's all. I wish you luck, but if you screw it up funcroc will add it to your resume.
  3. I loved this about DS1, but I think Obsidian might be taking this a step further on the right direction. I
  4. Thanks Enoch! I did some searching around and I came across some websites, that had him listed as QA for 3 of the first games listed on the mobygame website. Apparently he joined Obsidian as QA/Assistant Producer, and worked his way to Lead System Designer, and now to Lead Designer. I'm not exactly sure how the ranks work in video game development, but it appears that he made some career leaps over there. Considering that other studios have Junior Designers, and Senior Designer on staff. So I'm not exactly sure if he skipped these titles or Obsidian has a different system for their staff titles. If he indeed skipped all those ranks, then he has to be one heck of a designer, or there wasn
  5. Hi all, I am a new member of the forums, but a long time DS fan. I have a question regarding the design team for DS3. I was looking at your past topics, and in one of them it has Nathaniel Chapman listed as Lead Designer. My question is, what games has Mr. Chapman made in the past, or has he lead a team in. I did a search online and it looks like he has never lead a design team before. Is he an experience designer? I get concern because I love the DS series, and I want DS3 to be as good or better than the past ones. It would be a bummer if they put a guy that is not that well seasoned in charge of designing this one. I'm not saying he isn
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