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  1. I just wanted to say that moronic DnD combat system almost ruined every Infinity engine game for me back in the day. I was hoping that Obsidian wouldn't try to imitate that ****ty combat and ruleset in POE, but yeah.. It has been a week since I have touched this game thanks to borefest of combat system (and awful inventory system doesn't help) sucking all joy out of game despite me setting it to Easy (like what I did with Planescape Torment, eventually). I hope a future patch adds VERY EASY difficulty setting where we can just play this game like adventure game. Story story story, nothing else. While we're at it, throw in some AI for party characters controlled by computer. They stand around staring at walls while the only character engaging in combat is the one controlled by you. Sometimes they decide to attack, but it's usually when they are hit. It's not like the combat is any good already, then you have to manage to moronic team that most of the time wouldn't even help out. Oh and go and copy everything Divinity: Original Sin did. It has fun combat and I actually enjoyed dying on higher difficult levels in that game (then winning with new strategy of course). POE combat makes me wanna peel my face with a blunt knife, it's THAT bad. PS: Fanboys circle-jerking in forum over Obsidian is probably the reason why combat is a ****-fest.
  2. In DS3 the story & characters are way better than previous Dungeon Siege games (which tbh put me to sleep forcing me to quite halfway through) and so is the action. The only problem is that the game is a terrible console port for PC gamers. Blurry textures, terrible controls and camera and typical stuttering bugs present in all Obsidian games. No surprises there.
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