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  1. if you are still looking for it, I made a screenie for you: (http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i136/Moonshadow_banners/AP_SIE.jpg)
  2. I hope so, would certainly make the gadgets more usefull (not that I'm complaining now, already enoying toying around with enemies! walking away from the place you planted a bomb, further along the corridor you suddenly hear a 'boom' and I walk away smiling )
  3. I just started a tech loving character, and I acquired the Overclock skill. Now the question basically is: when to use this skill? example: I want to set a mine on the wall, do I use the overclock skill when setting it and it will keep the bonusses until it explodes (even after 10 seconds), or do I use the overclock skill when it is about to go off (so the explosion is within the 10 seconds activation)? anyone knows this?
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