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  1. On 11/15/2019 at 8:45 AM, Flouride said:

    Here we go (again)! This time it should be easier to find out who actually is working on the game, since there's a total 13 of them.


    Adam Brennecke  - Game Director

    Roby Atadero - Senior Programmer

    Bobby Null - Lead Designer (?)

    Sean Dunny - Environment Artist

    Zachary Spurlock - Animator

    Mark Anthony Rios was a contract sound designer on it. Also didn't that art on the carton look suspiciously like Mitch Loidolt?



  2. 19 minutes ago, Flouride said:

    One project was cancelled sometime this summer. One Obsidian employee has a cancelled project listed under his resume in 2019. Adler's project is then newest out of the 3. Perez has been leading his team since January. Parker who knows how long. Adler added Game Director to his LinkedIn sometime this summer.

    According to his Linkedin Adler's Project started january 2018

  3. 37 minutes ago, algroth said:

    Doubt that they're already developing The Outer Worlds 2, being that it's been only three weeks since the release of the first game. Is it being considered though? I would reckon so.

    They're not. There's still a team working on it. According to a journalist there were multiple teams working at the company.


    - Grounded by Adamn Brennecke

    - Unannounced (most likely by Brandon Adler)

    - Unannounced (by Chris Parker)

    - Outer Worlds team (working on patches, dlc and possibly looking at OW2)

    - Sawyer's Project

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  4. Quote

    Cain says they were prepared to crunch after release, fixing crashes and issues players ran into. But it was so smooth, they've been able to take a breather and take some time before the first patch, which should be out soon, and respond to some more substantial feedback.

    "Somebody found a place that it consistently crashed, but just on one platform, and then there's been another bug where sometimes companions get in a bad state in your ship," Cain says. "But for the most part the things we're fixing are things people have asked for, like larger fonts."

    Another quality of life issue he intends to fix is that vending machines don't show how much you're carrying, which makes selling items while over-encumbered a tedious process. There's also difficulty, which came as a surprise: Many players have asked for a harder setting that doesn't come with the restrictions of the Supernova difficulty. He's got a list of UI things to address, and hopes to put out a second update around Christmas, once more player feedback comes in. But when we spoke, it was definitely time for a well-earned victory lap.


  5. On 11/4/2019 at 5:24 AM, Merzhinhudour said:

    Obsididan and Private Division first made a deal with Epic because Epic offers them more money than other game selling platforms.

    After that, Microsfot bought Obsidian, and probably managed to offer a new deal to Private Division in order to get it on their store and game pass.

    Steam prefers to take all the money for themselves and give little to developers, and this need to change.

    That's why going with epic was the best move. 

    Also, it's a way for them to be free from steam's control over the market, and this can only be good.

    That is... wrong?


    Obsidian was purchased by Microsoft before the Epic Deal happened and Obsidian wasn't involved in the Epic deal itself as Private Division has the publishing rights/is responsible for what platforms the game is released on. Which is why the first trailer of the game featured a steam logo, the first big PR interview (Gameinformer) featured them saying it comes to Steam and the switch version is happening (Even though Obsidian approves of that).

  6. 3 hours ago, Phenomenum said:

    Also banned names in singleplayer game is radiciolusly stupid. Fortunately they don't give a **** about russians, so only english/europe languages in banlist... :dancing:

    It's strange – your politic leaders always bla-blaying about freedom of speech and democracy, but it's a one big lie. Enjoy, my dead friends. :lol:

    Yeah, its a weird banlist to begin with. If they actually want to put this into their game in the future (For whatever game of theirs has online functionality) they should rework that whole list. Otherwise its ripe for justified critisism and scorn.

    Hopefully this will be explained and removed ASAP. Nobody wants this. Nobody needs this.

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  7. 18 minutes ago, Viruk82 said:

    PC and UK/EU for region.

    Not sure if it changes anything region or version wise but I got the game free with my new Ryzen.

    It's just something that totally befuddles me if I'm being honest, hell, even in Fallout 4 Codsworth would actually say out loud names that are banned on here, it's not a deal breaker or anything, just a bit confusing and like you said, pretty dumb.


    Yep, same.

    If an XBOX, PS4 or US user is reading this, could you test on your version?

  8. 1 hour ago, Viruk82 said:



    I'd like to know why my daughter who's name is Nia can't use her real name when playing Outer Worlds?


    Also, why ban the use of names on a single player game anyway? It makes sense for a MMO but I really don't get it here.





    Weird question, but what platform are you on and which region? I have the filter too, others apparently don't.


    It's pretty dumb.

  9. Considering Obsidian is known or at least was for *hard choices* this thank you may sound weird.

    But especially in this time where we often only see each other and people of opposing views as *monsters* I'm glad there is a game where, even though it portrays corporatism to an extreme, everyone is still human. Everyone has their flaws. Everyone has their good sides. Everyone has reasons. It's a hard thing to write from your perspective, it's even harder to get in the mindset and analyze people you disagree with. To find out why they have their beliefs and hold to them.

    Not everyone that agrees with you is a saint. Not everyone that disagrees is a monster. We'd do well to remember that. And most of all I'm glad to play a game where I'm allowed to be. Well, me.

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  10. 1 hour ago, hilfazer said:

    Any good?


    1. Yes (though, if you don't like the tone it may not work for you)

    2. Yes and no. Game has a very all sides approach to it. Especially depending on how you play it. If you dig deeper almost everyone has their downsides as well as their upsides and you are free to approach it however you want. So, while theres *woke* stuff in it you never get it forced upon you, it fits the setting and its handled respectfully well. Think how well New Vegas handled gay and bi charachters in 2010.

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  11. 16 minutes ago, TodaysKiller said:

    I try to sit down and read all of the different dialogue options, terminal entries, etc, but end up just skipping past it due to wanting to get to the quest/action part of it quicker?

    I feel bad because there's a TON of stuff written into games like this, and i'm sure i'm missing out on a lot of information about different quests and such, but I LOVE exploring more than spending 3 hours reading...

    I'm a mixed bag of emotions on whether I should just suck it up and read everything I come across.

    Play however you want and have fun. That was a design goal of the the devs after all.

    And there are actually unique consequences that can happen if you don't do something. So, really. All's good.

  12. 1 hour ago, Odinsknight101 said:

    Hmm. I read it was something above 30gbs for xbox one but the game is 17.4 GB. So unless I'm mistaken it's only for those with physical copies?


    Sorry for the confusion I have.

    Xbox One X has higher resolution textures than S. That's why its 20GB more. The patch is also only needed for the disc/retail version of the game.

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