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  1. Your fix did it! Thank you so much. Was really about to throw the towel on that one! I already tried it before with new saves to no avail. Probably just did something wrong on my end before! Adding the soundeffect to blazing fury does also fix the gun not having a sound effect for being swapped to in the inventory. No idea why but hey I'm glad its there now. Do you want to upload the mod on the workshop? I would definitely award you lots of points
  2. Hey thank you so much for the response! Do I have to edit/insert this in the items.gamedatabundle? Sorry if that question is dumb - I am really inexperienced My theory is that they maybe had a different sound planned for it any forgot to add it. Replacing the AudiEventListID form "16dcb3b6-6d7f-455d-b1ca-ec1594389032" to "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" sadly did not have any effect. I also put the file in a folder (gunfixsound) put that folder in "overwrite", checked if the "mod" is active in the game. Still no cigar. Even starting a new game and spawning that damn gun. No sound. Its like the game refused to play it for some reason. Every other gun has not issues. Is there something going weird with my game?
  3. Hey there fellas. Im trying to find a way to fix Dragons Dowry not having a firing (and swap weapon) sound effect. I tried to search in attacks.gamedatabundle and items.gamedatabundle. In gamedatabundle I tried to replace the AudioEventListID with that of a another Arquebus. Sadly either I am stupid (which IS a possibility because my experience is quite limited) or it just did not work Does anyone else here have a clue? Its really immersion breaking and I sadly can not unhear it anymore. Makes me not want to continue
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