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  1. Thanks for all for your advice. And now I have some intermediate results in both solid(mixed)-roles parties (preconditions are: veteran difficulty, viability, mighty enough, convenient play) and another question. 1. Both parties are viable, and mighty enough. Solid-roles party is more convenient and more powerful. Death, and even sadly sudden death of half-tank is possible (in mixed-roles party), and then you have to pay many-many time, attention and manual-control for win the battle. 2. Chanter "Her revenge...." invocation - is an awesome spell. Chanter-paladin (I think and chanter-priest and chanter-druid(lifegiver) too), due to it can simultaneously tank, support and deal as match croud-damage as "primary melee fighter". 3. So another question (about chanter-troubadour and another subclasses): Preconditions: I think "Her revenge..." is the best chanter ability. One level of efficiency above any other. Better then other invocations, and more profitable then summoning, they are hard to comparison, but chanter summons rather weak and only their value - is infinite amount of chanter invocations. Intermediate implication: It looks like most-loveliest-chanter-subclass troubadour have too high penalty: - no subclass: "Her revenge..." cost = 3 phrases - troubadour: "Her revenge..." cost = 4 phrases - skald: "Her revenge..." cost = 2 phrases. So for example: skald and troubadour both cat cast "Her revenge..." every 12 seconds, but troubadour have to have not-prolonged phrases, and skald cat score crit and gain another. Now I'm using skald, with two weapon complects: - Sasha's singing skimitar - in case it isn't focused and target of crits (brigantine without shield enough tough in this case) - sun and moon + shield - in case of high-accuracy enemy. It looks like this skald more valuable (as tank, support and croud-damager simalteniously) than troubadour. So the question is: criticize above reasoning. I know troubadour - is the loveliest subclass of chanter on this forum. But why? Both precondition and intermediate-implications looks reasonable for me now.
  2. Valuable advice, thank you. I think I have to change focus of my attention in battles. And back again to caster's-slayer melee character. I wish to assemble something like that (but have a bit of troubles): Fighter/monk: - wahai poraga / whispers of the endless pass - in case of killing groups of enemy casters - Mohora Tanga / sun and moon - in case of striking boss. The only problem - Fighter (no subclass) is much weaker, than Fighter (devotions). Have you any ideas: what is the best way to be effective in both situations? P.S. In myself I didn't find neither 1-handed-AOE (properly interfering with monk crits), nor way to significantly increase crit-rate => damage dealt for 2-weapon wielders against bosses. And simultaneously didn't find any valuable fighter subclass, except devoted.
  3. Hello game experts. I often find out the phrase "this is only late game ability / gear / ...." in your answers. But when I played before, I finished main game quest at 18 character (if I remember it right). But next I played three addons which seems in total both more longer and more difficult (especially addon with long 2-phased battles on fighting arena). So I'm wondering: how are right now high-difficulty challenging battles and game content distributed over characters levels? PS Excuse me, if I too vague or sophisticated.
  4. Thank you. I understand. I have never done this before. PS And... such level of namual-handling is appropriate for me only in boss-fights. Not in mid-difficalty fights.
  5. Thank you. Mach more clear now. Nonetheless I have one another general question. Question is not about suggested builds, question is about game-undarstanding at all (maybe I don't understand something important in general, not in details). Forget about Arcane Archer build at a moment. So you both imply situation, in which we suppress one caster, and interrupting second one - and this is enough. But in my experience - this is enough in "easy battles", but not even close for at least medium-difficalty battle. As far as I understand, most game time you have a battles like this: at start you surrounded by several casters(4 or often 6+) or 2-3-4 groups of casters or 1-2 caster-champions with their minions. And simultaneously you have to pay attention enemies front line. So be able to suppress 2 casters - is not a solution of "enemies casters problem". To pass such battle you have to kill "6+ ordinary casters" of "2+ groups of casters", and suppress 2 is not enough. So in my opinion the best way - is send some mobile and hard melee damager, who harder then missile damager. So we have rogue- or barbarian- like builds. Am I wrong? Where?
  6. Thank you, it's a very tempting build. And I have a couple of questions: 1. Does "Imbue: __" work on every blunderbusses bullet? If it is - look's like imba. 2. There is some vague description of Arcane archer penalty. I suppose every AA regular shot has reduced accuracy? What could be done with it?
  7. Hello. I'm composing party, and wondering your advice about best "caster's slayer" (or at least good enough and flexible). Requirements looks like: - difficulty - "veteran" for comfortable game, or "path of the dammed" with hard manual control. - roles: kill (suppress) enemy casters; In the late game secondary role - boss striker. So, I'm wondering: 1. Is the hard-melee character best way for killing enemy casters, or there is a better way to kill enemy casters? 2. What possible builds you suggest? 3. Is monk-barbarian (or monk-fighter on second place) good choice or it has some unseen critical disadvantages? I suppose, that rogue-like builds are too demanded for manual-handling (I was defeated in my attempts to write AI-script, to my rogue be enough viable and damage-dealing). And I'm afraid that fighter-monk have too little discipline for use both charge and discipline barrage. Is it correct?
  8. Thank you for very true proposition: I want explore new classes (and their interaction), with both convenience and high game difficulty. And want to examine interaction between characters (just as not played yet builds). And I still wondering some issues about mixed-role party: 1. Paladin-X who is tank-damager. Is it viable? And which build better in particular: - Paladin-Fighter (supposedly Capana Tage + Tuotillo's palm)? - Paladin-Rogue riposte (wepon + shield? or quarterstaff modal? or dagger(modal) + sabre)? 2. Monk-Chanter(skald) + sun and moon? Can it beat in total profit Paladin-Chanter(troubadour). It's looks like Skald will have match more phrases, but how Skald would cast invocations standing in frontline without shield?
  9. Thank you. You commented first party with "solid-role characters", and I'm wondering if that means, the second party with "mixed-roles characters" weak and unsuitable? P.S. If play PoE2 Deadfire on difficulty "veteran" (as I supposing to do after previous answer) which of parties is better for comfortable and flexible game?
  10. Thank you. In this case I prefer to change difficulty to veteran (honestly I'm not ready to accept game challenge now). And I wonder if you could answer the same questions in case of "veteran" difficalty? To criticize both parties, which of them more viable (if any), and some of more special questions about their characters.
  11. Hello. I'm going to play on "path of the dammed" difficulty (I never did it before). I practically finish assembling party, but there are some questions (the general is: "must I make solid-roles characters, or 'half tank-damager, half tank-support ...' good enough to play?"). Requirements : comfortable gameplay (of course party have to be powerful enough), flexible tactics (including long \ short battles), readiness to characters sudden deaths. Comfortable gameplay means, that vast majority of battles have to be passed with self-written AI scripts, and a little manual control: party positioning, and maybe wizard crowd control/killing, assassin kill mages in enemies backline, so it means "minimum manual-control demanding character classes", such as rogues. ================================================================================= So I prepare two similar parties (I hope that general idea is clear for experienced players). Solid specialized party looks more effective in the linear battle, on the other hand it looks more vulnerable to loosing high-specialized characters, in case of ambush for example. So they are: Solid-roles party: - 1. tank: Paladin-chanter (troubadour) - 2. support: Paladin-priest; - 3. casters-assassin: Fighter-monk / monk-barbarian / rogue-monk / rogue-fighter. - 4. range-striker: Cipher-ranger. - 5. Wizard-rogue (this is only character I am confident in) Mixed-roles party: - 1. Tank-damager: Paladin-fighter (of paladin-rogue: if riposte + quarterstaff-modal works). - 2. Support-damager: Monk-chanter(skald) + sun and moon + single weapon + multiple crits; - 3. casters-assassin: Fighter-monk / monk-barbarian / rogue-monk / rogue-fighter. - 4. range-damager: monk-priest(Berath). - 5. Wizard-rogue (this is only character I am confident in). ================================================================================= So questions are: 1. The general question is: is mixed-roles characters work good enough to play? Or I must make solid-roles characters? 2. Criticize both parties (providing above requirements), is any of them viable? Which of them better for comfortable paying? == If both parties "approximately viable", I have more specialized questions about them == Honestly I like second party more, but I have doubts about practically any of it characters: 3. "casters-assassin: Fighter-monk / monk-barbarian / rogue-monk / rogue-fighter" - which of this characters better for this role (looks line monk-barbarian)? Providing, that in battles with "boss" it have to strike boss (looks, like fighter-monk)? 4. Chanter(skald) + monk + sun-and-mood - is it viable character? How will it cast his spells, providing "one handed weapon" specialization? 5. Paladin-Fighter or Paladin-rogue (riposte + quarterstaff - is it viable "tank-damager"? If "yes viable", which of them better, providing no manual control? 6. Is "Priest(berath) + monk" - good striker (it good crowd killer, but striker)? Will it have enough time to strike in 2-nd party?
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