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  1. Write a Ghostheart Ranger/Rogue build for me, please! P.S. I had been hesitant about even the Ghostheart Ranger, because I thought most of the top Ranger skills were at level 8-9 - which means they won't be available as multi-class characters? In particular, the skill that lets you shoot twice won't be available to multi-class characters I played a build similar to this. Personally, I found it very boring. At first you feel like it’s awesome but then it just becomes shoot once, kill target, escape, repeat. Where this type of build really fails is ship battles, where you can’t escape. 2 cents.
  2. I think OP has an option for two handed in there. I’m going to try out the devoted version too. Just need a good name for a new character now.
  3. I was just thinking about the devoted option. I think it may benefit from penetrating strike. Maybe remove weapon mastery and shuffle weapon specialization. Or remove both? Maybe someone else can comment to confirm if that’s correct?
  4. They look great to me... but I never completed my solo run... so take that with a grain of salt. I like that you’ve allowed for two handed in here. I’m on board with the devoted version.
  5. If OP dumps some of the Might and stacks Resolve wouldn’t that make it so she doesn’t have to use a shield? And, if OP is feeling generous I’d like to see a devoted final version debated as well. Just my 2 cents.
  6. This! By far one of the best explanations I’ve read in awhile. Makes me want to try whatever comes out of this discussion.
  7. Devoted/Trickster looks fun, I assume that it could kill fairly fast? How does this look? Any recommendations on gear that I could swap out? or should pick? I've left a lot of alternates in there in hopes of getting more information MIG: 13 >> 16 (BB, GoTM) >> 17/18 (Gear) CON: 7 >> 10 (Gear, BB) DEX: 7 >> 10 (Gear, BB) PER: 19 >> 22 (BB, Blood Sacrifice) INT: 16 >> 18 (BB) >> 19/20 (Gear) RES: 16 >> 20 (Gear, BB) +1 PER for Culture? That’s how I got to 19. Alternatively, I could dump MIG more and pump either CON or RES? Armor: Reckless Brigandine / Devil of Caroc Breastplate / Casita Sameilia's Legacy Weapons (MH): Scordeo's Edge Weapons (OH): Tarn's Respite or Beza's Toothed Blade Neck: Strand of Favor (+1 INT) or Charm of Bones (+2 INT) Belt: The Undying Burden (+1 CON) Ring 1: Solitary Wanderer (+1 RES) Ring 2: Entonia Signet Ring or Voidward Hands: Woedica's Strangling Grasp (+2 MIG) or Gatecrashers (+1 MIG) or Boltcatchers Cloak: Cape of the Falling Star or Cloak of Greater Deflection Head: Cap of the Laughingstock Boots: Boots of the Stone (+1 DEX, +1 RES) Pet: Socrates (+20 health per kill) or Abraham (armor recovery) Skill Focus: Athletics: 10 Mechanics: 10 History: MAX or Intimidate: MAX if using Casita Sameilia's Legacy I think this could work with Devoted/Streetfighter too? I'm more interested in trickster, I feel like its more survivable Does anyone know if this works for solo? It looks dope!
  8. I would not try to solo with a Berserker/Streetfighter. I'm sure Devoted/Streetfighter can do it. What about devoted/trickster? What stats should we focus on for either streetfighter or trickster (if it works)?
  9. Has anyone mentioned berserker/streetfighter or devoted/streetfighter yet? I’ve read that both are viable to solo all content...
  10. "You awake believing the Gods have chosen you for a divine quest..." Class: Brute (Berserker/Devoted) Game Version: 2.0.1 Difficulty: POTD Solo: Yes (will be testing on next patch) Race: Human (for Bloodied) Histories: Custom Background: Deadfire/Hunter Skills: Athletics 10/Mechanics 10/History MAX Faction: Principi or Vailian Trading Company Starting Attributes (before blessings or gear): Mig: 13 Con: 8 Dex: 18 Per: 13 Int: 18 Res: 8 Alternate Starting Attributes (before blessings or gear): Mig: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 13 Per: 13 Int: 18 Res: 8 Abilities: Level 1: Disciplined Barrage/Frenzy Level 2: Monastic Unarmed Training Level 3: Blooded Level 4: Fighter Stances/Barbaric Blow Level 5: Two-Handed Style (Estoc or Great Sword) or Two-Weapon Style (Sabers) Level 6: Thick-Skinned Level 7: Disciplined Strikes/Bloodlust Level 8: One Stands Alone Level 9: Unstoppable Level 10: Vigorous Defense/Spirit Frenzy Level 11: Bloody Slaughter Level 12: Charge Level 13: Unbending/Barbaric Smash Level 14: Conqurerer Stance Level 15: Penetrating Strike or Weapon Specialization Level 16: Armored Grace and Interrupting Blows Level 17: Bear's Fortitude or Weapon Mastery Level 18: Refreshing Defense Level 19: Blood Thirst/Unbending Trunk Level 20: Spirit Tornado Equipment: Pet: Abraham Weapon (Two-Handed): Blade of the Endless Paths (for MAX penetration) or Sanguine Great Sword. Alternatively Eager Blade as recommended by u/ Haplok, as a better blade for mobs. Alt Weapon (Two-Handed): Unarmed Weapon (Two-Weapon): Scordeo's Edge & Beza's Toothed Blade (early game Tarn's Respite & Beza's Toothed Blade). Alt Weapon (Two-Weapon): Unarmed Armour: Patinated Plate (group fights) and Blackened Plate Armor (bosses fights). Helm: Cap of the Laughingstock (Two-Weapon) or Helm of the Falcon (Two-Handed). Gloves: Gatecrashers or Rekvu's Stained Grasps Neck: Strand of Favor or Charm of Bones Cloak: Cloak of Greater Deflection or Cape of the Falling Star or Nemnok's Cloak Rings: Voidward and Ring of the Solitary Wanderer or Entonia Signet Ring Belt: The Undying Burden Boots: Boots of the Stone or Rakhan Field Boots Food: Mohorā Wraps or Captain's Banquet Wael’s Wind for Fampyrs Drugs: Svef Special thanks (in no particular order) to u/: baldurs_gate_2, Haplok, Boeroer, 1TTFFSSE, whimper, Theosupus, mant2si, Cyrus_Blackfeather without you this build would not have been completed or optimized.
  11. Whats Lion's Spirit? He meant Lion's Sprint. It was bugged and still is and will be patched in 2.1. Until now it was a must on a barb because you were getting +15 accuracy for the whole encounter once you activated it. Ah, that makes more sense. I don’t think that makes Barbarian any more weak, that’s just fixing a broken ability.
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