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  1. Is anybody else having this issue where every other time you try to load from a save file in multiplayer, the game either crashes to desktop or states there is an error with the graphics card? Is this a game cache loading error? This especially happens with trying to load from saves in the Haze Lab. 0% of save files of 5 different auto-saves load successfully in the haze lab location. I have tried re-setting the X-box, loading different save files multiple times and shutting the X-box down and loading again the next day. Nothing worked aside from loading a save file from before the haze lab.
  2. I'm having the exact same issue. Happened since the new patch. Wasnt ever an issue before. I tried un installing and re-installing, loading earlier saves with just myself and then with my partner...doesnt matter. Single player works loading from miltiplayer saves. I wonder if its from loading a multiplayer save as single player, then progressing, saving and then trying to go back to multiplayer after it saves as a single player file... But regardless, thenafter you cant load a single save file from multiplayer. You just crash to xbox home.
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