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  1. Yea I talked about something similar about this a while ago here. Post
  2. Yea I actually talked about this a while ago here. Post
  3. @ScritchOwlThey should make a nightmare mode just for that, because that would be terrifying
  4. Btw who else thinks that "the Extreme Freeze Update" is a good name?
  5. Yea I really like this idea too, so then people could make an Grounded SMP kinda, so then people don't have to wait for the host to be able to play. And they could also add a "no griefing" option
  6. I kinda like this idea, because it will be useful for the people who grinded sickly roly poly shells for hours apon hours.
  7. -New Ice Cooler biome which could either be between the Garbage Pile, and the House Steps, or near the shed. (Edit: Would make sense if it was near the picnic table with some drinks inside.) . Is filled with Ice Cubes, which can be smashed with a tier 3 hammer, (and maybe some new types of frozen insects could be found frozen inside some Ice Cubes, maybe a new type of spider. And it's frozen body parts could be in a recipe for a new weapon of some sort. A Frozen Blade?) Could use Ice chunks from the Cubes to make/fuel a refrigerator of some sort. (Edit: And being inside the Cooler for too long without corresponding armor, gives you the Freezing effect, similar to the Sizzling effect, except it slows you and drains your stamina. You could use mite fuzz or gnat fuzz to make insulated armor that keeps you warm. You could maybe also make some ice tipped arrows that give your target the freezing effect for a short time, and you could maybe make something like a sword made of hardened ice or something.) -Maybe a DLC where you can enter the house and look around, and you can see an adult walk around sometimes, (while trying not to be stepped on,) and be able to collect new resources, such as; dust, carpet follicles. And maybe there could be some food in the cupboards, and some stuff in-between the couch cushions. -Maybe add some types of small rodents, such as; mice, rats, squirrels? -(Something me and my friends have been wanting for a while,) a wasp nest near the top of the tree, with a wasp lab. And the wasp lab could be connected to the BURG.L lab, but the explosion broke the connection, because we see other rooms inside the BURG.L lab, but we can't access them. So I think we should be able to climb up the tree inorder to get to the wasp lab, and the lab could possibly be halfway inside the wasp nest. And you could get some resources from killing the wasps maybe?
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