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  1. Yes. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/16/whats-in-a-name-inxile-entertainment/
  2. I'm kind of worried. I felt as if Obsidian is in serious need of new contracts during and immediatly after this transition time, so Feargus began "leaking" these promising pitches to generate some heat? Known pitches: Might&Magic RPG for Ubisoft Star Wars Galactic Empire for Disney Fallout/TES spinoffs for Bethesda ??? for Warner Bros Well, at least they still got one undisclosed games in development.
  3. You have to be realistic. If you really are interested in South Park RPG, the Uplay is just a necessary evil you have to endure for this one time. One-time activation? At least Ubisoft sells games worldwide digitally. Sega always refuses to sell anything other than Genesis games in my region, so no Waaagh! for me.
  4. I like the way the teaser slowly reveals the whole scene. It's fun to figure out what it means without prior knowledge. I saw a lot of negative reaction to the music, but I really like it when they try to match the graphics with lyrics (or the another way around?).
  5. Yeah, that article is totally fake. You expect me to believe that a Chinese man cannot find a job farming gold? I saw the original article few days back, so if it is fake, it is faked by chinese medium. On other note, THQ's brilliant business plan fails again: THQ Clearlake buyout not approved by judge, five buyers interested So THQ is dead for sure then. I am glad to hear that Ubisoft only wants 75% off bargain sale, which means those good IPs mostly will end up in better hands.
  6. Every single choice actually matters: 1. Fallout New Vegas Quote your sig: "Life sucks, then you change that." 2. NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer Various outcomes within a strong narrative. Though the story is a direct continuation of the Original Campign of Neverwinter Nights 2. 3. Dungeon Siege III Your choices mainly change the endings. 4. Knights of the Old Republic II The choices are mostly about your character's alignment and relationship with companions. However the story is strongly tied to the Bioware's KOTOR. 5. NWN2: Storm of Zehir There are some small choices, but the whole campaign is quite casual in style, so... Glitches and bugs: 1. Dungeon Siege III The most polished one, as long as you stay away from the co-op first. 2. Fallout New Vegas Almost all the bugs and broken things are fixed now. Try not to get it for your PS3. Bethesda's engine tends to dislike that platform. 3. Neverwinter Nights 2 I heard some small bugs like one particular broken spell still exists after myriad of patches. Otherwise as long as you save often and in different slots, it will be alright. 4. Knights of the Old Republic II The ending is still bugged. Though you can try the Content Restoration Mod.
  7. hard sci-fi setting (harder than Mass Effect 2. Deus Ex is a good example) or current trend of fantasy (dark, gritty, blablabla. at least grittier than Dragon Age series. The Witcher series should be a good example) WITH SELF-AWARENESS. companions. one of many merits of obsidian games. as for camera i think the entire surrounding environment (like the sky and distant landscape) is more important than some particles and dynamic shadow and so on. This should solve the conundrum in Dungeon Siege III.
  8. it seems hackers just launched series of attacks against major SNS and community sites and maybe even transaction site in china. usernames and passwords were published for public downloading. are this hackers training themselves with their own people? or are other people retaliating against chinese? cyberspace is just too dangerous. maybe more dangerous than steam and space. any recommendation on dark, gritty and hard space opera novels?
  9. Well, there is a reference to Obsidianent themselves: In taipei safehouse, the characters below the electrical safety signs(which are also in chinese) mean Obsidian. the signs are next to the one-way elevator.
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