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  1. Just wanted to say thank you! Was the best (at least in my opinion) portrait i found for a female wizard after some hours and failing to do it myself. Tyvm
  2. Ok I think i finally know what to play. And also what to play in my second playthrough (Gilmmerman). Thanks for helping me out!
  3. Ok that sounds convincing. After thinking about it a bit more I could probably go dump res/con completely. As for will saves I have been thinking I could go rogue instead of cipher. This gives me Shadowing Beyond/Escape to dodge Arcane Dampeners without going Skaen which seems a lot easier to RP and allows him to have some get out cards during the early game where he functions as a buffer with low survivability. Furthermore it should be a bit more fun than a dualcaster multiclass. Rogue subclass would be Assassin as Streetfighter would rely on some tricks to get flanked and with BDD I would be near death and not bloodied. Summary: Wael Priest/Assassin something like 16/3/18/19/18/4 maybe 13/5/18/19/18/5 early game: buffer with invisibility late game: bdd/sot with invisibility for arcane dampeners use scordeos edge for dmg late because no high end dmg spells Does this sound good? Not so sure about Wael myself. Going Skaen for invisibility and bloodmage second might be better for versatility. Or even SC Skaen. for PL. Also with this variation Death Godlike should be even worse compared to human. Anyways thank you for helping me build this!
  4. Thank you for your answer. The Herald and the Arcane Knight sound quite nice to me. And the Assassin build sounds interesting aswell (although i generally prefer melee rogues). Monk is probably not for me though. Will 100% look into these builds and try to find out more about them. Anyways thank you again. Edit: After giving it way too much thought I seem to have narrowed down my preferences a bit. As I played a similar build to the Arcane Knight (stack buffs to get tanky) in Pathfinder I want to go for something else this time. Your "Glimmer Man" looked really interesting but If i understood it correctly bringing your party along messes with it so I will probably save it for another playthrough as this will be my first full run. Right now I'm planning to go with Priest (Wael)/Ascendant. Will probably be too weak early to do stuff on its own but can provide buffs for the frontline. And later on I should be able to do some work solo with SoT/Ascendance. Does this sound viable? Also I have trouble deciding on attributes. I plan to go death godlike for +3pl and dump con as I can rely on others to tank or BDD late game. Was thinking about 10/5/13/17/18/15. Didn't want to lower res because with deflection buffs I could at least be reasonably tanky early game but I'm not sure. Do you have any recommendation on attributes for a Ascendant/Wael Priest? Finally I thought about going priest/bloodmage for the versatility. The +3PL with BDD from racial ability seems nice here aswell but prevents me from using the "Cap of Laughing" (or whatever its called) for the buff drain. Are there any substitutions or should I just go human?
  5. Currently I am having a bit of trouble deciding on a build and as my goto-Youtuber's builds are somewhat outdated I looked thorugh quite a bit of "5.0" build lists but I still can't figure it out so I'm asking the pros . I'm playing RTwP. Am somewhat experienced with CRPGs (played Pathfinder and one or two other CRPGs) and like to min max occasionally. However this time I'm planning to attempt to RP a bit more. These are the things I find important: PotD viable (if possible even PotD solo viable as I want to be able to perform independently from my party even though I plan to bring them along at least sometimes). No hardcore cheese (specificly the one where you spam reequip that one item (?) to extend buff duration). No insane amount of micromanagement required (unless it's not too tedious). Also preferably without too many consumables. Able to do megabosses (again best if solo but for this I dont mind if I have to bring the party as much). RP friendly? (dont know if there is a thing as "rp-friendly" builds). While looking through many posts I found these so far: SC Bloodmage: I played it until Nekataka but somehow it didn't "click" with me and the roleplay of "I'm an all powerful mage" got boring real fast . That is the reason I decided to restart. Herald build that is really tanky and regenerates a lot. For this I could not find any clue on if this is solo PotD viable. I really liked the Priest Brilliant+BDD+SoT strategy and as it needs quite a few levels (exspecially in multiclass variants) I feel it's ok to use it as you probably will be quite late into the story and thus I'm ok with being OP at that stage of a RPG. And if it gets too boring you could always try without. However here im struggling to find out whether these builds are viable without the mentioned strategy. Also wondering which variation of Priest or even which class to multiclass with is the most fun/best. So far i thought about SC/Assassin/Ascended Cipher. I would greatly appreciate any opinions on the priest or herald build. Furthermore if you have any other fun recommendations feel free to post them aswell (if you want to with RP ideas included as I'm somewhat unoriginal). Anyways thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. Should have probably made this a bit shorter
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