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  1. I made a Kind Wayfarer's Paladin with very similar stats. Using Bloody Slaughter and Strange Mercy he's really good at getting killing blows and pumping out healing to the party. I plan to pick up mourning gloves and i'm still looking for other items that might give either bonuses on kill or bonuses against low health enemies to help secure the final blows.
  2. I'm about to do a full playthrough of POE 1&2 for the first time. I've started 1 several times but never managed to finish before life got in the way. I'm thinking of making a fire godlike who weilds tall grass at first and eventually Abydons Hammer. Not a huge fan of fighters, but I'm open to pretty much anything else. I'd like to run this with the story PCs instead of a custom party. Probably 4-5 permanent members and 1 rotating slot for quests. I've thought about a priest, paladin, or even a melee cipher but I'd love to get some ideas.
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