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  1. There was probably a lot of debate on the name. Part of it is likely being able to trademark it properly, insuring social media (twitter address, website address) can also be secured free of squatters.
  2. "Crunch" is defined as working more than a normal work week of 40 hours. Am I missing something? I feel like "well, if it's not 60+ hours, it's not really crunch, it's something else," is just a way to avoid saying "we crunch," when it feels like it's true. I admire Obsidian not crunching, but if we go by their definition, overtime without pay for salaried employees is still bad, although I'm sure most Obsidian developers are happy to work longer hours.
  3. Bet it's already been decided, and if you don't like voiced, you probably won't like the decision. Me, definitely prefer voiced, I just wish there were more voice options in most RPGs.
  4. There might be somethign off about the ladybug head drop rate, might be worth filing it as a possible system glitch
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