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  1. On Series X Game Pass Grounded Saved Date: total Space Savings: 807.3 MB My GT- 295.3 MB Reserved Space-512.0 MB Been playing since game came out and play daily 3-6 hours. I mostly do very large builds and playing the game is almost like meditating for me. Its so relaxing. I like making huge pyramids and other things out of foundations. So 5-6 days ago i noticed i cant make any new saves. No matter what i did the same save would show as my last. It would show i could make a new save but once i reloaded the game it was just the same one. to try and figure out what was happen
  2. GAME WONT SAVE Xbox Series X Game Pass It says in Grounded Saved Date- Total Space Savings: 807.3 MB \says my GT- 295.3 MB Reserve Space- 512.0 MB My game wont save anymore. I have been playing since the game came out and play daily for 3-6 hours. mainly doing large builds. I think i reached the max amount you can build and it wont save anything new. I say this because i was trying to start a new game and see if could make a save if i did that and accidentally erased my last save. so that took away the last 5 hours of building on my latest big project. after i was
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