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  1. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that one too. A while back, one of the LA people said in an interview or blog post they had a few projects to consider... TFU, KotOR 3, some Wookiee game... and they went with TFU. Wow, we KotOR fans keep getting the shaft, don't we? Is it just me or is LA doing the opposite to SEGA? SEGA - Keep reproducing Sonic games to try and stretch the franchise as much as possible to fully kill it off. LA - To leave all KOTOR series fans left in the dark with a half complete story?
  2. I was checking out their site quite a bit to see what was going on about the game and the story etc. but nothing there from Bioware really draws me in and away from my need for KOTOR III. I would surely to like the possible sequel to perhaps contain 2 stories in parallel. You control both Exile and Revan, switching between the two in the story as it unfolds. Would be quite fulfilling to have all questions, quests and fates answered in a more cinematic approach.
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