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  1. I'm hoping they add a tier 3 shield at some point. Maybe a rolly polly shield or a green shield bug shield. Something designed like a tower shield. Maybe it could have bonus to blocking strength or decreased damage and stamina usage while blocking. And being upgradable of course. I also don't see why we can't use spears while blocking as that's typically how one would use a spear and shield combo.
  2. idk about the infected stuff but I'm with you on making things at least somewhat harder. I play on Whoa and I eventually hit a point that I can solo orb weaver raids at my hedge base with nothing but my sleek black ant armor, Salty termite axe, black ant shield and lots of roasts.
  3. Me too. It'll just about be necessary for future enemies. I assume they're gonna just get even harder. lol
  4. I can get behind this 100%. I hate that all of my armor and weapons can be repaired with repair glue but I still have to carry around and keep a stock of black ant parts to repair my shield. I'm pretty sure this has been suggested in the discord so hopefully that will be coming in the future.
  5. The aphids and weevils don't actually raid your base. They aren't a faction as they are harmless. I'd say that if you are having an over abundance of them at your base it's because of where you are built or the little guys just really like your base. I've killed hundreds of them each and never gotten a "payback incoming" from them. Actually the only faction that has raided my base so far has been the orb weavers and that's only because I'm built inside their territory (The hedge), and the raids only happen every 6-9 in game days (it actually seems like it takes longer than that before they decide to attack and they are based on how much you kill them, invade their space, or encroach on their territory. If the presence of that many aphids or weevils is an issue I'd suggest filing a support ticket with the devs. They have heard the community about the faction raids, which is something they've said would be happening early into the early access, so hopefully make it toggleable thing for people who don't want them. From what they've said though it doesn't seem to be possible atm with older, non custom, saves.
  6. I joined the public test branch and noticed crashes on pre test saves, also crashes on new games that seem to mainly happen when using the peeper mode and panning over insects. Also red and black ants and ladybugs are aggressive at all times. The red ant armor doesn't even seem to curb the rage of the red ants. I assume this isn't intended. Anyone else having these issues?
  7. I'm having the same issue. It seems all neutral bugs are aggressive, on occasion they aren't but I can't hang around them long before they are. I'm even wearing the red ant set and they are still trying to tear me a new one. I'm sure there will be a patch in the next few days to fix this and hopefully the crashes involved with old saves and the peepr mode.
  8. That's already what happens. That was in the 0.7.0 update.
  9. If you're on xbox or windows 10 it's because they took the test server down.
  10. I haven't tried the head mounts but the zip line wall anchor is impossible. Wish I could find a work around to get it to work.
  11. I swapped over to the public test server and seems that if I am looking too closely at another item I'm not able to place or cancel a blueprint which makes placing anything on a wall or floor, unless you can get the angle right, impossible. Also if I get go into a zipline anchor to connect to another anchor and it's blocked I can't back out of that either as I believe it counts as me looking at said structure. Has anyone else experienced this or is it possibly something on my end?
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