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  1. Can you do it so it changes a creative one made in multiplayer to survival? Or does it only work from single player to multiplayer? Or will it let me take the creative multiplayer to single player and switch it then go back to multiplayer and do it? Sorry that’s a lot. Just trying to figure out how to switch me and my bfs creative to survival
  2. When playing in multiplayer with my friend, I can start a game easy in creative (we’re all on Xbox). But after saving and logging out, when we return it says on the character loading page that the game is in medium but when you load in it’s still in creative. The problem is it won’t let you switch it from medium (even though it’s actually in creative). So if we wanted to switch it to medium or mild later on we can’t because it’s stuck on medium on the loading page and won’t let me click anything. I was wondering if this is a common issue or if anyone else has had the problem?
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