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  1. Ahh I see what you're saying. Yeah I've been working primarily with the starter spears and the insect club so far. And I haven't learned to parry / block effectively yet, so if you say the club is viable, I retract my original statement that it's not.
  2. Please understand, I'm not commenting on the difficulty of the fights. Being three-shot by a bombardier wouldn't make picking up thrown spears any less frustrating. I'd still have to walk up to it. Come to a full stop. Look down. Find the spear visually on the ground. Aim the mouse over its tiny graphic. Then hit the pickup key. If it didn't pick up, I'd have to jiggle the mouse around while spamming pickup. That's not an ideal mechanism to reclaim small or hard-to-see items. The current implementation for reclaiming thrown weapons makes it much more effective to throw single planks of grass instead of spears. They do just as much damage, and are far, far easier to pick up afterwards. This strikes me as kind of silly. Having to put crosshairs over an item to interact with the item is very much video game logic. Humans have hands, and can interact with narrow items very easily in real life with a scoop / grip motion. If that was modeled in game, it'd make throwing weapons a lot more dynamic. And fighting enemies solo takes a different skillset than teaming up on them. With the exception of wolf spiders, every enemy I've come across so far is trivially easy when two dudes bash its brains in with stun weapons. Solo is a totally different story. If you miss with a club, or it doesn't stun, you're getting hit. Which is fine.
  3. Hello, I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I had some feedback regarding combat I'd like to pass along. Recently my friend and I built a base near some bombardier beetles, so we've been fighting them pretty regularly every time they respawn. To me, combat seems unresponsive and clunky. Basically my problem goes something like this: > Enemies regularly one-shot you, or massively damage you with each hit, meaning you have to rely on agility and not being hit. > Slow club weapons are virtually unusable because the attack animations are so long. Spears in melee are too weak to be viable too. This means I have moved to ranged combat as my main option. > First I used bows and arrows, but they do very little damage, and more annoyingly, as I shoot them, they leave large, useless "an arrow is here" indicators which block my field of vision and make subsequent shots harder to aim. Arrows also fly off into the sky or drop through the ground randomly. > Because of the low damage and other problems with bows & arrows, I have settled on throwing weapons as my preferred type of combat. I started by throwing planks of grass at the beetle, which was surprisingly effective unless he was within minimum range at which point my throws did zero damage. However, the throw button being "R" means I cannot physically tap it while strafing right with the "D" key. So I had to remap block for "R" and throw for "right click". > Since there was specifically a skill for throwing spears, I built 10 spears and used them instead of grass. This is where throwing weapons really showed their main problem. When I'm being chased by a giant enemy that can and will one-shot me, and I am throwing spears at it, not only do the thrown-spear icons still totally block my view, but when I run over to them to pick them up, I have to have my cursor *literally exactly perfectly precisely* on the one exact pixel over my narrow spear, otherwise I can't pick it up. This is while the beetle is still chasing me and can one-hit kill me. Despite all of the other problems with combat listed above, this one issue is the main problem I have. Picking up thrown weapons is hugely frustrating. So my suggestion is this: If I am standing near a thrown weapon or shot arrow, and I press the pickup button, I should pick up the item *regardless* of whether I'm looking at it or not. Contextually it should be clear that I'm in combat, standing on top of a thrown/shot weapon, and I clearly intend to reclaim it. Having to aim at it - particularly at night in the pitch black - makes combat worse. All that being said, I love every other aspect of the game. I'm building a tower right now, as well as a cross-yard network of raised roads that will allow safe rapid transit to/from key locations. Fun times.
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