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  1. And as an update - if I run the game as an admin? I can't log in. It just circles and instantly fails. Then I need to go in and delete the Maine folder to get back to a state it can log in as. I also verified game files successfully. When I check in Xbox networking, it's still doing that fun thing where every other time it shows an issue. Here is one time: Teredo Parameters --------------------------------------------- Type : disabled Server Name : win1910.ipv6.microsoft.com. Client Refresh Interval : 20 seconds Client Port
  2. System: Windows 10 Pro, game from Steam. Game version: Rel Xbox networking shows multiplayer NAT type moderate, server connectivity as connected. But this seems to be going on and off randomly without any changes on my side. I can't host any games, shows as "cannot connect to multiplayer". Set myself up as DMZ and same issue. Network has not changed at all since last time it worked (before the Koi update, but now the group finally had time to try it). Just in case though, I added the ports to port forward and even tried DMZ (as stated). Same issue. I can't host.
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