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  1. So starting a new run is always fun, have some ideas and gonna lay em out and see if anyone has any input on stuff. First off some rules for this post: The run will be on PotD I will most probably use the Community Patch (for fun) I will be playing in Turn-Based Mode, NON-NEGOTIABLE =P I know the game isn't optimized for it and so on but I just have more fun with it so please go easy on that part I am fond of Single classes even though I know Multis can be stronger, just a fun preference for me although I can consider them if given good reasons I will probably not use companions or sidekicks, just adventurers Open to gear suggestions as I am lacking in knowledge about stuff ALRIGHT LETS GO! The party I'm thinking about is: Cipher Ascendant, ranged weapon (top of my head Frostseeker or Dragons Dowry). Was thinking about going with Wild Mind instead for some random carnage but the focus gain is slower so kinda against it Monk Shattered Pillar, LOVE the monk and while I am tempted on trying a Nelpazca I'm not super into using drugs into most fights. Shattered Pillar with community patch has 10 wounds too so yeah. INPUT NEEDED HERE PLEASE: I was tihnking about using the Tuotilo's Palm but is it just not worth it due to minor deflection increase and a pretty decent hit to damage? I will probably have Reaping Knives from Cipher to bust out when needed. Priest, no idea what subclass yet Wizard Evoker, Just seems fun to have that random double here and there. Did a run with Blood Mage and it was great, just wanna try something a bit different MAJOR INPUT HERE: (Multi-class is more interesting with this one) Last spot I was thinking a Fighter Unbroken for a tank, just go nuts on defense to cover the rest of the group but then I got to thinking if doing a shift towards more offense like a Devoted with Engagement Armors or something. What are your thoughts about this one? Should I just go with another class for some reason? Very open to multi on this char Some notes are that I have tried some Paladin and don't find it that fun. Ranger was doing pretty okay but meh. Barbarian is almost off the table all together..... Chanter was really fun but think passing on it this run might be good to switch things up a bit Wall of text but yeah those are my thoughts and would love some input about everything. While my mind seems closed I am intelligent enough to get convinced when I hear good reasons!
  2. Cool answers! Sadly attack speed matters less since I go Turn-Based at all times (yes I am one of those). I know the game isn't made for it but I just love turn-based games since I was a kid and I feel so-so about RTwP. I do think the game works fine in TB though
  3. Did a test wih a Cipher lvl20 and a Monk lvl19Remember that I play on Turn-Based and it is the only mode I care aboutMonk with fists had 30-43 on both hands with an Acc of 106 on both. (Penetration 15 which is less important due to Reaping having Raw Damage)With Reaping Knives damage 23-31 with 104 Acc on bothThe focus gain to the CIpher seems to be 5 focus per attack (so 10 for full) so the advertised 30% focus seems to be... off...Abilities that uses Full/Primary attack seems to follow the above focus rule from what I can gatherSo as I see it the advantage is that it being Raw Damage and therefore Armor Rating doesn't matter, which can be a big plus in a few fights. Also the Cipher gains a small amount of Focus each turn with normal attacks and a bigger burst if used with AoE Weapon abilities like the Monks Whispers of the Wind.BUT! Reaping Knives seems to nerf the targets damage quite a bit in this example. Would be even more if the target has extra damage on the weapons he/she is using (+10% Fire damage for example)I am thinking about doing my next playthrough (on Hardest Difficulty) and I was thinking about using this combo (can be a Rogue instead of Monk) but after testing it on my previous save a bit and reading about it.... it just seems off to use it.Am I missing something or is it as "balanced" as my above example suggests? I understand that harder difficulty targets has more AR which makes the Raw Damage more appealing but is there enough targets so the nerf in damage warrants it? (Did some quick checks with dual wield Chanter and dual wield Rogue and saw the same kind of differences)
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