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  1. No worries at all Mortim! Sorry myself for taking so long to respond! I saw your post quite some time ago, but have been waiting on a substantial update to reply. Sadly, that's taking so long that I figured I'd just finally let you know I read it, hahaha. I decided to try and check a least some of each patch with my method, just in case. I also noticed that the initial WM release had a lot of unusual Sky Dragon bugs. Sadly, it's proving half-impossible to find that update, and the method itself takes a decent amount of time per patch. Moving on, thanks for clarifying all of that
  2. Alright, after exploring a few avenues, I think the physical 'how to get her to retreat' mystery is mostly solved. Further understanding what I was looking at, and realizing how much I really could see, I realized that nothing seemed to point to the mercy path having any form of activation in its respective level file. Okay, makes sense for current content, so checked my 1.06 version and it was similar. Began to wonder more seriously if it truly was hidden somewhere very deep, maybe tied to an attack or something of the sort. But how do you look at that stuff? That's literally a whole gam
  3. Ahh, not to worry, Tikey. You've got a lot to do as is, and I've had some luck since my last post anyway. I hope you're able to up-convert your files! Something to maybe look into is why the format for savegame files is so radically different on your end. Its definitely possible that Obsidian changed the format at some point, or works differently on GoG, but is it also theoretically possible that you're looking at the wrong files? On the Steam version, the save game files go to what is basically the Windows default saved games folder. So on my older Windows version C:/Desktop/[U
  4. You're welcome! I had a side question, actually. Does GoG have patches all the way back to the release version still, or have they gotten rid of them? Like, say, patch for example? Also, if they don't, I actually have some of the patches up to 1.05 for GoG. As far as I know, I'm missing only up to that point. 1.06 is probably still attainable online somewhere. And I think after that, or very soon thereafter, you start moving into WM territory (where I'm going to guess your save games will start having less trouble upgrading to newer versions in big chunks). Cheer
  5. Hello, I can't say I have any definitive answer for you, but depending on what platform you have the game on, can you try reinstalling the game at the version you started with, then go up patch by patch? Perhaps even loading in on a per patch basis to make a new save file for that patch. Also, I tried to download yours and see if they booted for me, but they are of a vastly different format than my save files (Steam version). Each of mine are a single file only, containing all relevant information. /Shrug maybe if you highlight what platform you're on in the title, someone may better
  6. Hello, I'm looking for old patches to the game, if anyone has theirs still lying around. The reason is because I'm working from a ground up version of the game to try and solve the Sky Dragon quest mystery. I have a GoG version, missing only the (1.03 +fix) hotfix patch, I believe. However, any pc based patches, or information to point me in their direction would be helpful. I know the Obsidian site has some, but they basically go from 1.04 immediately up to v2 or above. I'm looking for incremental patches from release, up to about 1.05-1.06. And I've tried torrent
  7. Firstly, Merry Christmas! Or whatever holiday you may celebrate over the next few months! Mortim, you've mentioned viewing that kind of stuff while the game runs before, any idea if there's a way to actually do that? And maybe more importantly, how to do it? It's very possible you're right about all of that... I've even speculated that maybe they fixed it once upon a time and then pushed out an older version of the quest files by accident, breaking it. What's also a bit weird is that in Node 17, the dragon's speaker ID is given, which tends to mostly (maybe only) be done when a voice file
  8. That's a good question about the wiki, but maybe a strategy guide, or someone else read the game files--and the wiki actually numbers the things as if they were taken from one of the files, so that's my suspicion. However, I stumbled across a Reddit user by the name of monkeydew123 who also claimed to trigger it. And not only that, but he/she's responded to me already and has offered to send me over not one, but three save files POE1 before the Nest, POE1 after the Nest, and POE2 with the Wurmling (which is a bit less super exciting than it sounds, explained later). He too found some oddities
  9. Update! I got my hands on a copy of the game claiming to be at patch 1.02. I suspect it’s accurate, though it definitely ends up taking the investigation in a different direction not because of what isn’t there, but because of what is. So cracking open the files, I was surprised to learn that they are remarkably similar. To start with the conversation files, I can see almost no tangible difference. Plugged into the conversation tool, the beginning and end of the node 17 ‘mercy’ option dialogue chain is pretty much identical—there are no special triggers in or out. What is different
  10. Ahh, I see, okay that makes sense. Thanks for educating me on what they are and how they work, sounds like you might just have a little experience on the topic hahaha. Too bad they're not something we could really use at all; wherever they eventually fly off to is where I'm thinking a lot of specific interactions are! Ahh well! I've actually already looked! But maybe I'm just way too out of the pirate scene to get an idea what I was looking for website/service wise. Either way, I found a few sketchy sites that seemed to only want to tell me just how much I'll be getting all the dlc!!! Hah
  11. Update time, but first to Mortim, Thanks friend, and sorry for taking so long to reply. Yeah, those strings are particular--they come in predictable quantities of numbers and letters separated by dashes which are clearly at certain intervals. They seem more like codes, and the conversation file almost seems to use them as such, almost like it lays down this keycode and then the game knows a specific pre-coded action to run. The same type of code is used to identify both the speaker and listener in the conversation as well. For example... <FullName>Void SetIsHostile(Guid, Bo
  12. Hahaha, okay well that’s good to know then at least. Because yikes, this kind of stuff could possibly get tedious fast, not to mention how it is on the eyes. I’ll tackle your points first, then move on to my update. For 1, 2, & 3, I’m saving this stuff for a bit before trying. It’s all good ideas, and if I don’t get to it, maybe someone else will at some point. It’s also the simplest stuff to, for anyone else reading. 4.1: Ahh, okay good to know. And yeah, a lot of it is just related to GM's motivations, hopes, and dreams. If you do play again, she has some of the most in-the-mom
  13. Oh, thank you! Still, I'm not sure I'm convinced it'd be for me long term--this crash course is proving to be enough, and I probably sound more competent than I am, hahahaha. Ahh, yes, thanks for filling some of that in. I'd begun to wonder about the leap being an attack, and your confirmation has since been met with one from the files which I understand better. I think the prone stuff is also an attack based thing, though not fully sure yet. The timer actually isn't a red herring though, and I'll get to that in a second. Having something running to show me the snippets may actually be a
  14. Hey StrangeMortim, I came to do an update and was pleasantly surprised to see you had actually gotten to seeing this. Everything you've said is quite interesting and all plausible, good work on tracking that stuff down. The dragon seems to have special interactions with some type of "Leap" and, as I said, prone stuff--but whether this is with its own attacks, or is part of a package for being interacted with I can't say. It could be either, but your logical timeline there matches up really well, so perhaps that really is what ended up happening. The fact that they changed dragon resistanc
  15. I've got more information about the quest itself and what can/can't be triggered. StrangeMortim, Raynewood, I'm building on your foundations and hope you're still around because we have some avenues we can proceed forward with. Some background; I got to act III and noticed that crucial quests didn't feel right. My stats should almost always have been high enough to trigger the best options, and yet for three of four god quests, there were scant great options, and some with literally no good options. After half-reading some things, I still couldn't get things to trigger; lion v
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