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  1. I uninstalled the game to organize my hard drives and installed it again, kept the games in their source folder. There in the saved users and games folder, now they still appear to me but they don't open. When I try to use these saves an internet connection error message appears: I sent the saves to my girlfriend, who played with me in these saves, she can open it on her computer, she can be the HOST of matches with those saves, but even with her being HOST I can't connect ... however i can use the saves in single player match.
  2. I believe that this system could not only be limited to ants, but also to other types of insects that can guard our bases or perform services like that of the ant. Since we have options for traps, however we don't have a complete base invasion system yet. This pet system could be better developed together. Even if they are some like mounts too, improving our movement around the map, from the speed item to the accessibility item, like riding a pet spider to climb to the top of the big tree.
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