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  1. Playing the 5.0 Public Test on Xbox One (S) Game loads up the title screen then after a short wait I get the LOADING message and the loading circle symbol is active so I know the game has not frozen up on me. Game seems to be hung up on loading screen, I have waited 5 min or more but it wont progress beond the loading screen. Also usually pressing the Xbox guide button brings up the option to quit game but that wont work. All I can is choose either restart or shut dowm
  2. Yes mate I'm having same problem, it also results in me loosing all progress because for some reason I also loose all my auto saves but still have the previous log out save. Because of this I have taken to doing a log out save every 5-10 min. Surprisingly if I do the log out save at 5-10 min intervals then I don not encounter the OUT OF MEMORY ERROR. Although it's not the best solution it has worked for me and I find as long as I exit game and let it do a log out save it seems to stop the error. I have tested this by playing till I encounter the error then replaying the game the same way and d
  3. Possible band aid solution or fix for OUT OF MEMORY ERROR is to do a regular log out save (every 5-10 min works for me most of the time) then load the game again. The following explains why I think it works and how I came to discover the band aid fix Had the same OUT OF MEMORY error happen to me a bit. The main issue I have noticed with this out of memory error and the game shutting down is (I think the following could be another bug that causes the game to download saves from the cloud) that upon restarting the game it accesses the cloud saves and all my auto saves are gone the most rece
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