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  1. experiaced the same on xbox and PC, but on PC a bit diffrent, i think. Because totaly new buildings can build and the building parts are placing correct for me on PC. But after buildin some floors on top the placing grit glichs out. When i go now to the ground buildin floor and place a wall ist is placed correct again. Zhan whent back to the top floor wher the gid was glichted out and now i cam place building stuff correct again. On Older Bulidings in the save is seams a bit diffrent. The trick with ground floor is here not working. And at least you can glicht out the building grid totaly, but dont now at that moment when it happens. When it gliched out totaly the buliding part is only postponed a litte and than zhe only thing for me get it back to normal ist save and reload in the save. On the xbox the bulding partsa also on new buildings glitching out of the grid. But i did not test what happens if you build from scratch in a totaly new save game. Maybe game and Savegame have now some diffret values??? The Problem seams a bit complex Hop this helps a little
  2. Hi, now after the last Patch i canl Play my xbox Save on PC. I have done it yesterday. But in the evening I startet playing Multiplayer wth a frind on the xbox, where we normaly play the game together. But it seams after Playing the save on PC and going back to Xbox delets the hole progress from the frinds Multiplayer save. We playes 250 Days on XBox on that save befor. My host Progress still saved but the progress from the frind ist totaly gon from my save he starts with nothing from scratch and he get the game tutorial again "find something to eat /drink.".
  3. yup had that on xbox too, but then i l.oad the save on PC and it places the flore on the right position. I Think with fixing this Bug they exidentliy ceat that new one Fixed diagonal walls not placing correctly
  4. for me both are not spawnig back, but my Koi Fish is also gone from my pond . He is flying away to the moon and did not come back after resetting all creatures in the save game
  5. Hi, want to report you some of my XBox One X Public test Bugs. 1. The triangle gras floor: I can't build walls or fences on its sides when i set it, it is shows on the right place but after press X to set it setts to a completly different direction. you can't also dog Stairs on it. 2. My Koi is fly away Yes the Koi is flying out of trhe pond straigt to mthe sunrise . And now I have no Koi in the pond. Tryed to reset all Bugs (in Game Menue) but Koi is stil not back in the Pond. Sunken bones and the scale are also not respawing. Maybe because there is no Koi anymore?? ;D I loste my new spere 2 out in the wilde and cant craft a new one Feture request : Funktion to dissabale the abilety to throw wepons away 3. when joining a runnign mutliplayer match carakter falls thru the map. 4. Guests in Multiplayer match have very bad game prefomance and often see "high ping" message but we have very good Internet conection and ping. We thing it is only near large buildings. 5. joined in Multiplayer the detector for raw since points and scrap ony workes for the host player.
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